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Some of you may be reading the title and thinking "Well Duh...It's always a great time to be a movie fan!". While that is a fair opinion, I'm going to talk about why it's a better time than usual to start taking an interest in what's playing at your local cinema. So grab some popcorn and read these reasons why you should attend the next feature-length presentation.

The Revival Of 'Dead' Genres

Tell me, how many Westerns do you remember being released in the early 2000's? Or Crime Thrillers? I'm guessing your answer was not that many. Now think about more recently. We've had films such as the True Grit and 3:10 To Yuma remakes, Django Unchained, Cowboys and Aliens and The Hateful Eight right around the corner. While on the Crime Thriller front we have: Legend, Black Mass, Prisoners and Sicario.

Both of these genres took a hit during the turn of the century, almost disappearing completely. However, they have seen a resurgence in recent years. Meaning there is more choice than ever when browsing the film listings. So no matter what your taste there is bound to be something to worth watching.

Classic Franchises Are Being Given Worthy Successors

Another trend that has picked up speed over the years is the revival (or continuation) of some famous franchises. From reboots such as the Star Trek films, which took a new approach to the franchise, to sequels such as Jurassic World that proved to be much more popular than the original follow-ups, it is clear that studios are trying hard to bring the feeling of watching those classic films to a new generation. Which means everybody wins in this situation.

Now while this has been a trend for some time, it is only in more recent years that the franchises have been treated properly. Films such as the Star Wars prequels, while not bad, failed to live up to the standard of the originals by relying too heavily on CGI and Philosophy for their own good. Hopefully this can be rectified with the release of Episode VII.

Films Are Trying Harder Than Ever To Stand Out From The Crowd

A while back films were content with letting their big name actors and visuals attract in audience members and rarely did a film do something that truly separated itself from its competitors. Now however films throw forward unique qualities to carve out a position on the listings. Long continuous shots in Birdman or the heavy emphasis on practical effects in Mad Max: Fury Road, recent films have become more than just that new [Insert Genre] film, starring [Insert Famous Actor].

This means that they each become a separate experience, more memorable than ones that stuck to a checklist of tropes and story. They also have become more satisfying this way, as they leaving you going "Oh, I've not seen a film do that in a while" or "That was an original twist". So next time you choose a film over the others on offer, take a think about what put it above the rest in your eyes.


What do you think? Is it a great time to be a movie fan?


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