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The [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) beta has officially ended after being extended an extra day, so it's about time we review the best of what players have discovered for us.

A staggering 9 million people played the Battlefront beta (or BBETA as I like to call it), making it EA's biggest ever. So what were some of the moments that stuck out?

Where to begin...

#1 When the jetpack works, it works.

Not sure we needed that extra hop, though.

#2 Except when it doesn't.

This is pretty much me when I do something on the first try.

#3 Sweet, sweet revenge.

We'll just assume it's the same TIE fighter who killed him.

#4 But what sniping is really like.

For me, at least.

#5 You get to feel like Han Solo.

In other words, you get to shoot first.

#6 Even the bugs are intriguing.

I like to think this is what the inside of Han's carbonite dream looked like.

#7 Killstreaks are only epic.

I'm pretty much sold on using first person the most. You get to see the stormtrooper's "mistakes were made" stance up close.

#9 Seriously.

Why does this planet look so much better than Hoth?

#8 Maybe you should get cocky.

I can't get over how gorgeous this game is already.

#9 Then this happens.

It's...a trap? Sorry.

#10 Yeah, Jedi/Sith are pretty unstoppable.

Even his jump is intimidating.

#11 Except Luke for some reason.

That would have been a bold way to kick off Empire Strikes Back, TBH.

#12 Vader on the other hand...

You can just hear him saying "Rebel scum."

#13 He's kind of in his own league.

From a mile away.

#14 Then there's Luke.

#15 Still good, though.


Thanks for reading/watching! Don't forget to pick up your copy of Star Wars: Battlefront, available starting November 17, 2015.


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