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Much excitement is brewing online for the upcoming new trailer of THE FORCE AWAKENS. But personally, I'm far more interested in seeing a trailer for STAR WARS 8. Here's what we know so far about THE EWOK REBELLION.

One must wonder: where can Disney possibly go with this epic story, considering that George Lucas defeated the Evil Empire decades ago? Perhaps the JJ Abrams reboot is not the franchise weesa looking for. As a public service – nay, as a veritable humanitarian gesture – meesa presents a sneak preview of Star Wars 8.

In The Ewok Rebellion, DARTH BINKS, formerly known as Jar Jar, goes up against the cuddly but psychotic little forest dwelling vermin of Endor, who are led by his nemesis Luke 'Pookie' Kenobi. See the intrepid Binks stake his claim as the first Gungan action hero, rescuing R2D2 from a fate worse than rust.

Binks also unveils his long-suspected smokin' hot romantic charisma in a historic cross-species bromance with Chewbacca. He then takes his rightful place as Galactic Emperor, converts the Darth Star into a movie studio, and commissions a brand new franchise starring himself as a transgendered Princess Yoda.


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