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Livingston Wade Oden

Last week I made a video about gender swapping in the twilight books but more things are coming out where women are taking on roles originated by men.

First up is Roadhouse, yep Hollywood is remaking another classic with Ronda Rousey filling the big shoes of Patrick Swayze.I don’t agree with this for two reason. One, Rousey is a terrible actress. Of course Hollywood is gonna try banking on one of the biggest names in sports but come on, she can fight but she can’t carry a movie. The second reason is the fact that the original roadhouse can’t be topped. Sorry but it’s a classic in my eyes.

Next there’s talk about the new Mummy film having the monster being a female instead of a male. If the mummy is still scary and can keep my attention, much like Boris Karloff did in the original and Arnold Vosloo in the remake then I see no issue with it.

And lastly you have Charlize Theron playing an assassin in The Gray Man which was going to be played by Brad Pitt before he dropped out. If they want Charlize to play a character that was supposed to be a man then that’s great but if I was the author of the book I’d be slightly pissed that a female is taking over for a male character I created with also the possibility of having the title changed to ‘The Gray Woman. It’s like taking Harry Potter and changing the gender because of a lack of strong female roles in Hollywood.


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