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With all these rumors about the next Thor big screen chapter going on right now over the web, i started to ask myself if an Hulk / Thor movie would be a good idea from the business side of things. Us nerds tend to agree and love any type of collaboration between two super powered beings, but sometimes the big ties in their big offices don't agree with us. As mush as i would love to see an epic fight between 20 superheros at a time in each Marvel movie, i can understand why the Feiges and Whedons of this world wont try to satisfy my need for non-stop action. I mean, you can't make two to three superhero movies a year and expect to have giant brawls in all of them. The big ties in their big offices instead made the choice to slow things down a little bit. Starting with Iron Man 1, the MCU phase 1 kicked off in 2008, and since then, Kevin Feige did a great job introducing his vision and aspiration for the superhero movie business to us. With Iron man, Captain America and Thor each getting one solo movie before the Avengers, Marvel presented these big characters to us in a slow and methodical way. The core of the Avengers team in the MCU is called the big four, assembling (see what i did there?) Iron man, Cap, Thor and the Hulk. I am not in any way diminishing the important parts played by Hawkeye, Black Widow, Fury or even Maria Hill in the stories of these movies, but it is foolish to think their popularity is equal to the big four. These main heroes all had their own movies in the MCU phase one, with one exception : The Hulk. I am aware of the previous Hulk movies, but these movies were made before the official start of the MCU and before the Disney Marvel wedding era. I am not saying these movies were bad (at least one of them was bad, i'll let you guess) but they don't represent the continuity and structure Kevin Feige wanted to build the MCU on. We are now looking ahead into phase 3 and there is no sign of a Hulk solo movie. Loosing hope is not something i do often and it seems it paid off because we might finally have a chance to see The Hulk outside of an Avengers movie. Thor: Ragnarok might be filled with giant green muscle action scenes and this is awesome in every way. why you say ? here are three reasons i think Thor and The Hulk would make an awesome cinematic duo.

1. The comedy side of things

it is now clear that Marvel chose to include and strong comedy element into the MCU. From Iron man to Peter Quill, some marvel superstars have a strong tendency to break the heavy fighting ambiance with a nice funny joke. Odinson is not the most funny superhero out there, and i think the inclusion of Banner into the movie could create some pretty darn funny scenes. The scientist and the God of Thunder do not have a really strong bond at the moment, but we already saw them fight side-by-side twice now. Having a movie shining a light and exploring this relationship makes perfect sense and could potentially create a nice head-to-head kinda vibe between the two of them. after all, we all laughed at that famous punch in The Avengers.

2. The Hulk in space

It is pretty clear by now that few can match the brute physical strength of The Hulk. In fact, on earth, no enemies can beat the green man. Galactus or Thanos could certainly put up a fight or even beat him, but they are not from this planet. As long as an MCU movie is staged on earth, no one already on the big blue can technically do anything against him. Of course we can bring alien on board, like that big alien flying snake in The Avengers, but for the Hulk to seek powerful enemies, he will have to go look into the stars. Potentially joining Thor into any of the nine realms opens the door to seeing him fight very powerful characters and going full smash mode against someone or something (Ragnarok). I would absolutely love to witness his complete force and fighting skills in an elaborate fight scene on another planet. i cant be the only one right ?

3. Banner screen time

We have never seen Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo outside of an Avengers movie. I am not saying Whedon should have gave him more screen time, but i think it is a shame Ruffalo never had the chance to develop the character more than that. There is a lot going on in an Avengers movie, and everybody needs to get some attention to continue to explore to deepness of their character and Banner (this version) never had a full solo movie to do so. While not being a solo installment, a Thor / The Hulk movie could potentially give more screen time and a real chance to Ruffalo to show his acting and character development skills. Universal still owns the rights to do another Hulk solo movie, so it is really the only scenario in witch the actor would be given that chance.

Here are the three main reasons i came up with ! i can't wait for this movie and i am really excited to see Banner and Odinson fight side by side ! what do you think ? let me know in the comments !


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