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Rumors have been circulating around Marvel's upcoming film [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858). Apparently, the film might take a darker tone than what audiences have come to expect from the more or less comedic and lighthearted Marvel Studios.

While the change in tone might come as a surprise, it's probably for the best- especially when you consider that Thor: Ragnarok will feature the Asgardian equivalent of the apocalypse!

Such a premise already sounds too dark to be a lighthearted film. Thor and his Asgardian teammates are certainly in for a long and bloody battle as they attempt to defend their kingdom from whatever threat is posed against it. But if recent rumors are to be believed, Thor: Ragnarok might be a lot darker than any of us could have imagined.

How Dark Will Thor 3 Be?

Even though it hasn't been revealed what exactly Thor 3 will be about, it's definitely not going to be anything light and fluffy, if it's 'Ragnarok' title is any indication. In fact, the film will reportedly be so dark, that Marvel had to hire a comedy director just to lighten the mood!

David Faraci of Birth.Movies.Death reported on just how incredibly dark Thor's Asgardian adventure will be:

... how serious is the movie? It's so serious, so dark, that Marvel decided to hire a comedy director to bring a touch of lightness to the proceedings. Yes, Taika Waititi was hired to balance out the grimness of the script and bring it tonally a little closer to what Marvel fans have come to expect. That's what sources deep inside Disney are whispering to me, anyway. Waititi may yet be joined by another writer to help brighten the corners of Ragnarok while maintaining writer Christopher Yost's apocalyptic vibe.

Director Taiki Waititi is reportedly being tasked with making "Marvel's darkest film yet" a little more comedic. But if all the rumors surrounding this film are to be believed, it will still be quite the dark and epic journey, even with Waititi's comedic directing. Especially since one major Marvel character is most definitely going to die.

Someone Is Going To Die In Thor: Ragnarok!

Well, technically we already knew that. Being that the film is going to feature an apocalyptic war that will supposedly bring about the end of Asgard, it's safe to say that quite a lot of people will die in this film. But I'm not talking about unnamed soldiers, I'm talking about a main character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who exactly? Loki!

That's right, I believe that [Loki](tag:3592650), the Asgardian Trickster himself, will draw his final breath in Thor: Ragnarok! Why? Well let's take a look at what Ragnarok will mean for both of the Odinson brothers.

Like I said, the details on Thor: Ragnarok are scarce, but one can assume from the title that it will be an all out war. After all, 'Ragnarok' is basically the Norse term for the apocalypse, so whatever's coming in Thor 3, it's sure to be big!

It's easy to assume that whatever war is coming, Thor and Loki will be on opposite sides. Loki is angry at his father, brother, and all of Asgard, so it's right up his ally to bring about the apocalypse. But I don't think that Loki will be the villain in this movie, I think he'll be the hero.

Loki— The Savior Of Asgard?!

Now, when you think of Loki, you probably don't think of the man who saves Asgard from the apocalypse. Sure, Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of the charming and deceitful character has received a lot of praise and a ton of fans. But even with the large amount of Loki fan art spreading around Tumblr (please don't google search Loki fan art...), even Loki fans can agree that he is trouble.

So why do I think he'll suddenly turn a new leaf and protect his former home? Because it's exactly what Marvel's been setting him up for!

So far, Loki has appeared in three Marvel films; Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World. In all of those films, he's presented as a spiteful and vengeful character, one you can't help but feel sympathy for. After all, this guy's life was turned completely upside down when he found out that he was actually a Frost Giant adopted by Odin. That on top of living in his brother's shadow and the recent unfortunate death of his loving mother, it's clear to see why so many people feel sorry for Loki.

The last we saw of Loki, he had disguised himself as his father and presumably taken over Asgard, so it's clear that he's still a very deceitful guy. But I think come Thor: Ragnarok, Loki will change things around and stop Asgard from being totally destroyed.

Loki's Redemption Act Is Coming!

It's hard to imagine that Loki of all people will turn over a new leaf so quickly, but it's not impossible. Loki has shown a few redeeming qualities recently. Just look at [Thor: The Dark World](tag:206462), where he helped Thor stop Malekith from destroying Earth and Asgard. Admittedly, he probably only did it to get on the Asgardian throne, but he still succeeded in saving millions of lives.

Not to mention his reaction to his mother's death, that was most definitely real. It's clear that underneath all that evil, there still lies a heroic man. All it would take is one huge threat, one that the entirety of Asgard would have to face together, for Loki change his ways.

I'm not saying he'll suddenly become a hero or anything, but I think he will do whatever he can to aid his brother and the other Asgardian soldiers in the forthcoming battle.

Ok, let's assume that Loki does assist Thor during the Ragnarok. Why am I convinced that he'll lose his life while doing it? Because of one character rumored to be coming to the MCU.

Valkyrie Is Coming To Thor: Ragnarok!

Along with the rumors of Thor: Ragnarok being INSANELY dark, comes rumors of a new hero appearing in the film. Valkyrie is a Marvel superheroine who can usually be seen hanging out with The Defenders or fighting the evil Enchantress- who could also be making an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok if the Valkyrie rumors are true!

Not only will Valkyrie reportedly be coming to the film, but it seems that she'll bringing along her team of actual Valkyries. In the comics, the Valkyries are the angel-like group who appear over the battlefield to take the worthy fallen soldiers up to Valhalla.

Now, let's face it, Thor: Ragnarok is obviously going to be a big Marvel film. And since the film will be so big and important, it's unlikely that all major characters are going to make it out of here alive. With that in mind, most would put the spray painted target on the film's main character, Thor. It would make sense for the Asgardian hero to die gloriously in battle and be welcomed by the Valkyries through the doors of Valhalla. But here's why I think it'll be Loki instead.

Loki Will Be Welcomed Into Valhalla!

That's right, I think that the doors of Valhalla will open for an Odinson brother, just not the one you were probably thinking of. Like I said, this movie will be BIG! And considering that it will likely be about a huge war that will nearly bring about the end of Asgard, it's likely going to have the classic film cliche of a noble sacrifice.

Thor does seem like a good choice to fulfill the role of 'hero who sacrifices himself', but it's a choice that we're all expecting. Marvel isn't exactly the king of surprising its audiences, but it's done some pretty shocking things in the past. Just look at the rise of Hydra and fall of S.H.I.E.L.D, the death of Quicksilver, and the sudden inclusion of an Ant-Man sequel to Phase 3 of their film schedule!

Anyway, Loki being set up as the sacrificial hero in Thor: Ragnarok would absolutely surprise the crowd. Having him sacrifice himself to save Asgard, and then suddenly get welcomed into the gates of Valhalla would quite the epic scene to end on.

Don't Worry Loki Fans, This Isn't The End!

Loki fans will probably riot if Loki really does kick the bucket in Thor: Ragnarok, myself included. But don't you worry Team Loki, this won't spell the end for the trickster!

I do still believe that Loki will meet his heroic end in Thor 3, but I also believe he'll be brought back for another epic Marvel war; The Infinity War! There's another cool MCU rumor going around that Thanos, the main baddie in Avengers: Infinity War Part I and II will be using the Infinity Stones for one nefarious reason.

Rumor has it that Thanos will resurrect the fallen Marvel villains of the past to battle the Avengers! Iron Man will fight Killian, Cap will fight Red Skull, and Thor will fight Loki! Yes, I believe that Thanos will bring Loki back from the dead, rip him away from the sanctuary of Valhalla and force him to battle his brother!

Think about it, we know that Infinity War will have quite the damaging impact on 'Earth's Mightiest'. And what's more damaging than having to face off against your very own dark past? It'd be especially traumatizing for Thor, who would have to fight his beloved brother once more. There won't be a dry eye in the theater when this scene comes on...

So there you have it, my theory for who will die in Thor: Ragnarok! It's not like I want Loki to die, I'd much rather he not. But Hiddleston won't play Loki forever, and as much as I and every other Loki fan would like to believe, he probably won't be joining the Avengers and denouncing his evil ways permantently...

Having him denounce his evil ways long enough to save the world and die a hero's death is a PERFECT way to send him off, assuming Marvel plans to. Bringing him back to battle his brother, and maybe get some much needed emotional closure would also be a great story arc!

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Source: Birth.Movies.Death

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