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...en should be treated the same, whatever job they do. But Lawrence's demands are crazy, based on how much money she already is earning. Who cares if you get 50 or 70 millions, it's more than you can spend in your life anyways (if you don't do something crazy with it, you know what I mean). From a certain point it's just not important anymore how many millions exactly you do have, it's just empty numbers. And for thus, this whole discussion makes no sense. You wanna tell me, you would offend your boss, who made you mega rich and world wide famous, for not paying you enough? Who gives you the opportunity to retire with 28 years (if you want so) and never have any financial trouble anymore? Nor will your kids and grand children have? Well, I for sure wouldn't. I also agree with @Michal Turcar, he makes a clear point here, which doesn't find enough place in this discussion. It's even more an agent's than an actor's game, and Lawrence did clearly state she didn't really negotiate. So, what's this all about? About studios not giving here even more money without any negotiatons, just because she is a woman? Isn't that as sexistic (from her) as not paying men and women equally?

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