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It's been 17 years since the Disney Channel released their wildly popular original movie Halloweentown. Every year the town where it was shot, St Helen's, Oregon celebrates the film with "The Spirit of Halloween Festival" which is a large tribute to the movie, marked with a lighting of the giant Jack-o-lantern in the town square.

This year fans got an extra treat when Marnie Piper herself announced that she would be celebrating with them, in full Halloweentown spirit.

Fans from all over came to celebrate with her, the number being around 15,000. Kimberly was more than happy to acknowledge each and every one of them and was shocked by the numbers and the sheer dedication of fans.

"I see all you guys back there too! Thank you all again so much for coming, um, like I said again I know a lot of you traveled really far and a lot of you are local. But it just... and there's people on the roof up there! That is... cool but also slightly dangerous."

It is like no time has passed since Kimberly last donned her witches hat, the last time being back in 2004 in Halloweentown High. Yet, as you can see, she is still very comfortable in her old digs and isn't afraid to have fun with it.

You guys. Visiting again last night was so. Friggin. Amazing. A huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came to Spirit of Halloweentown last night. The fire dept estimated 15k people came!! I will be posting more pics and video soon. Seeing all of you lining the streets to say hi really touched me. Thank you all for the love-it's truly something I'll never forget.

For those that couldn't make it, here is a video of Kimberly reminiscing about filming

And who could ever forget how the Cromwell magic lit the pumpkin so many years ago? With the help of fans, Kimberly made it happen once again.

With Kimberly still being such a fan and big supporter of Halloweentown, fans can only hope to one day get a new sequel with a return of the true Marnie at the helm.


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