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Introducing Adonis Gonzalez

Adonis Gonzalez is one the most talented and thoughtful creators writing for Moviepilot. I've been extremely blessed to have the chance to interview him. He's a totally awesome guy, everyone! Anyways, he's always publishing great content and making Moviepilot a happier place. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the talented, amazing Adonis Gonzalez!

1. How did you get involved with Moviepilot?

I actually started out as just a fan of the website back in 2012, when it was very different from the way it is now. I would go on the site a couple of times a week, mainly to check out movie rumors, release dates and basically anything related to any movie I was looking forward to! One day, I went on the site like usual, but this time everything was totally different. It had a new layout, and an option to sign up for free and start writing articles, it was an offer I refused to refuse!

2. How long have you been writing for Moviepilot?

I think it's been a little over a year now. I started back in 2014, right around the time Guardians of the Galaxy came out. My first article was actually about THAT Guardians of the Galaxy post-credits scene! Looking back on it, my grammar was...not the best.

3. Why do you enjoy writing for Moviepilot?

There's SO MUCH I love about writing for Moviepilot! The main thing is the freedom, I've never heard of such a site that lets you just sign up and start sharing your opinion with millions of readers! Another thing is the community, the MP community is so nice and awesome, we've all got similar interests and I think that brings us all closer together. I used to HATE writing, but ever since I started writing for MP, it's all I really want to do.

4. What's your favorite kind of article to write and why?

My favorite kind, that's a tough question! I used to be all about superheroes, but lately I've been trying to be more of a variety writer, and write about anything and everything that interests me. But I'd say the kind of article I write the most is top lists. Even when I do editorials, they've got some sort of top list format: "5 Reasons This" or "Here's 3 Reasons Why", stuff like that. I think it's because it helps me move the article along, and keep the topic somewhat on point.

5. What's the most memorable thing you've done with Moviepilot?

Well, I've been to the Project Almanac premiere, and I've been to FOX studios a couple of times, but as fun as those times were, the most memorable was when I went to see the Fantastic Four trailer premiere. It was incredible, Andrew Marco (an awesome staff member) messaged me and asked if I wanted to fly out and see the F4 trailer at FOX studios with three other Creators before anyone else! Of course, the trailer got leaked, which would have bummed me out, if it weren't for the great time I had with the staff and the other Creators. Me, Cassie Benter, Nicholas Staniforth, Bobby Burns, and Andrew Marco and Aaron Kelly sat at a table for HOURS just talking about movies and anything related to them. It was so great, it was the first time I had met any other Creators and we just instantly clicked. It didn't even matter to me that the trailer had leaked a day early.

6. Who is your favorite actor and why?

This question always kill me! I have so many favorite actors, so it's really tough to choose. But, for the sake of it, I'm going to choose Johnny Depp. A lot of people would fight me on that, but I really think he's one of the greatest actors of all time. Sure, his movies aren't always the best, he's got a lot bad ones, but no matter what he always manages to bring his 100% to the role! I just saw Black Mass, so that's probably why I'm choosing him now and my answer may change next week, but that movie was incredible and that role I think is definitely his greatest! I appreciate it when an actor gives it his all, so even if the movie is terrible, I know that they at least did their job and gave their best performance.

7. What is your favorite movie and why?

Again, my answer will more than likely change next week haha, but I definitely have to say that my favorite movie is American Psycho! I recently watched it and I still love it as much as I do when I saw it at 13 years old. Of course now, I look at films differently, I analyze them. And I have to say, this movie is seriously not looked at enough! Christian Bale's performance is incredible, and the film's ending (won't spoil it) left me questioning everything about it. As much as films like Fight Club and Inception are looked at, American Psycho needs to be analyzed just as much if not more!

8. Who is your favorite superhero and why?

This one's easy, Deadpool all the way! Ok, technically he's an anti-hero, but I'm counting it! Can't wait for the movie next year!

9. If you had to pick one alternate hobby/career besides writing for Moviepilot, what would it be?

Music, I love music. I'll listen to anything that sounds good to me, Rock, Pop Punk, Rap, Classics, maybe Country (but not often)! I'm learning to play the guitar, I'm not sure if I'll go anywhere serious with it, but it's something I've always wanted to learn.

10. Is there any advice you can give to those who are just joining Moviepilot?

No matter what, stick with it. When I first started, I saw all of these other writers around me, some staff and some not, with thousands and millions of views and thought "Wow, I want to get that much!" So me, with my terrible grammar and ambition, wrote an article and after almost a month, I got a thousand views. I was excited, but also a bit disappointed when time went by and I wasn't exactly growing in view numbers. Nevertheless, I kept writing, and slowly and surely, I made it to two million! I don't know how long it took for others to make it a million, but I know that it wasn't overnight. MP is a place where your voice can be heard, but it takes time to grow your voice, so don't be discouraged if you're writing for months or even years and you haven't gotten a crap ton of views. It WILL come if you keep working for it. :)

So there you have it! How awesome is that? Wouldn't you love to write for Moviepilot? Well you can!

Make sure to check out Adonis Gonzalez's profile below and follow him!

Remember to stay awesome, keep writing, and be creative!


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