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What is there to say about this movie that has not already been said?

It's a timeless classic that is a pure Walt Disney classic that not many movies after it have been able to match. That's not to say that the amazing movies succeeding this were terrible by any measure. It just didn't have that same spark and magic that Disney animated movies were known for.

The story in it of itself is a very simple one; Mowgli is raised in the Jungle by wolves after being discovered abandoned and orphaned and needs to head to a man village in order to seek safety from the man-eating Tiger, Shere Khan.

I like Bagheera the Panther to that of a protective Uncle figure as he journeys with the man-cub to the man village as he knew that the boy would feel safe and secure with him.

I get the impression that they purposely went after the actors that would be best suited for each role. Phil Harris is amazing as Baloo with his laid-back and relaxed care-free attitude. Sebastian Colt was ideal as the concerned and stalwart Bagheera, Louis Prima is very likable as Louie the orangutan and George Sanders was perfectly cast the callus, cold yet haughty Shere Khan the Tiger. I found J. Pat O'Malley as Colonel Hathi the elephant to be amusing with the somewhat absent minded mentality of the character that's almost akin to Inspector Gadget in some respects to where he thinks he has a handle on the situation when he hasn't.

Musically this is one of the best Disney scores with the sing-a-long songs that every knows and loves to to the movie's theme. Some 50 years later and the children that saw it then enjoy it with their children and Grandchildren.

There's a reason why this movie and shows from it's Era continue to be enjoyed with each new Generation because it's timeless and it has a shelf life where it can be brought when it's an anniversary or to fill a void and in doing so someone new gets to experience the kind of Disney magic that you just don't see very often these days.

It just has the Bare necessities. And that's all it needed then and now.


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