Byfinn Sharpless, writer at

We all know how cars 2 is know as the worst Pixar film ever. But what if I told you they wanted that! I mean even in ed catmulls book, and I quote "cars 2 is knows as the worst Pixar film ever and I disagree for reasons I cant say" end quote , suspicious much? Yeah I thoughts so, why can't he tell us he dissagres? Is because after that monsters university came out. and made a whopping 89 million dollars it's opening weekend! The biggest Pixar opening to date! But everyone thought it was gonna fail! And Pixar was scared they were right! They expations were to high so they had to bring it down with cars 2! And because of that no one expected that monsters university would so good! And know wit the announcement of cars 3 with comes out before....Incredibles 2! A movie that people have been waiting for since 2004! And if pixar messes it up, there's gonna be hell to pay! So they need to bring the expations with cars 3! You have been calling it a bad movie but in reality it is, but on purpose.


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