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Lego has released a multitude of material games, building sets and even movies that incorporate licenses that are fan favorites. From MARVEL to DC, DR WHO to LORD OF THE RINGS, LEGO has made it a mission of theirs to incorporate and use licenses from all over the entertainment world for the sake of children's entertainment.

So why can't movie studios do the same thing?

What I am talking about is how movie studios hold on so tightly to licenses, and don't negotiate between each other to make movies that could potentially break the figurative bank. In a good way. Making so much money way. What I am getting at is having a collaborative effort by movie studios to share licenses. More specifically MARVEL and DC. What anyone is waiting for is for a Crossover. Not just that though, certain characters who are locked by Warner Brothers and FOX, like the X-Men and Spider-Man should be allowed to be used by Disney to enhance the entertainment environment.

Lego has made so many games with Marvel and DC how could a company such as LEGO have achieved this? And why can't movie studios share characters, share profits and share fan base? By allowing Disney to use Deadpool in a movie with the Avengers, or using QuickSilver's backstory and history with the X-Men for the Avengers the movie industry could see a massive profit.

Forget about 1 Billion Dollar releases, think about more than even that. The comic book universe was never meant to split up as it has been. Throughout comic book history, characters have floated in and out of story lines. So why can't movie studios just let it go, and let them go?

So now the question again for the movie studios, "if LEGO can do it, why can't you?"


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