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First off, let me just say that Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor. We already know this. However, the debate over whether Jesse Eisenberg is the "real" Lex Luthor is one that is beginning to get a little bit out of hand.

To be, or not to be Lex From the Comics?

The argument is simple. Is Jesse Eisenberg the Lex we all know and love (or love to hate, whichever the case may be), or was his dad? People everywhere are getting in on this debate. Hell, even the Hardcore Marvel Fanboys (a.k.a. DC Haters) are getting in on the action.

I, for one, am simply baffled. Why would anyone assume that the father of Lex Luthor, Jr is "our" Lex from the comics? First off, let's discuss this in greater detail.

The article featured in Fortune described Lex Luthor Senior, as vicious. Because of this one, single description - many have assumed that he was the "real" Lex. Why? Because he was merely described as being a mean and vicious person?

We haven't seen any real scenes with Jesse Eisenberg, so for all we know, he makes his father pale in comparison when it comes to visceral ferocity.

Another thing I cannot understand, is why so many automatically assume that Jesse Eisenberg is incapable of portraying a psychopath, or a sinister criminal? He is typecast in a certain embodiment because he excels at that embodiment, not because he is incapable of playing any other role.

Not to mention, wouldn't the fact that he has never played a role that was purely evil add to the wow factor of said role? Apparently no one can imagine him being a dominant, vicious psychopath-genius, so I find it truly all the more intriguing that , as a fan, I am about to witness a brand new character emerge. Something never seen before from this actor, embodying a character he has never attempted before, playing a version of a character never realized before.

I am actually pretty stoked about the potential.

The Nitty-Gritty

I do have a tendency to go off on side rants, in case you haven't noticed already. Please don't hate me for it. I'm sure you'll learn to appreciate it as time goes on (place emoji here, I don't and I won't).


Here it is all laid out: The dad has never met Superman, therefore, he is simply not the Lex Luthor from the DC database that we know as, Lex Luthor. He simply has been renamed a senior instead of Lionel Luthor. I am honestly not that familiar with Lionel other than Smallville and played by John Glover (yes I watched's all I had!). Other than a few New Earth and Earth 2 mentions, I do not know anything about him, other than what I know from Smallville. Please feel free to enlighten me in the comments.

Regardless, the father of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is not Superman's nemesis. They never met. If they never met, why would anyone then assume that he is the "real" Lex, and in Snyder's universe, Lex is already dead?

I don't know about you, but this concept doesn't gel. In fact, it's pretty damn stupid if you ask me (no offense), but that's just me.

Jesse Eisenberg is bald, no? The "real Lex is bald. Was his father? We have no idea. Do you know why that is? Because he is not pertinent to the story, other than leaving his son an awesome meteorite collection (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)!

We know virtually nothing about the senior Lex, and that is for a reason: he is merely the deceased father of the "real" Lex Luthor, the man who will begin his legendary rivalry and antagonism against the Man of Steel. He is the contradistinction to his own duality, and his malevolence toward superman will be witnessed once again.

From the pages, to the big screen - I believe this incarnation of Superman's greatest nemesis will be the definitive characterization of the man without a conscience.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice releases March 25th, 2016.


Do you think Jesse Eisenberg is capable of portraying an evil character?


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