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1984. That magic year that gave us Ghostbusters, Terminator and this action-packed classic that starred Tom Cruise as Maverick.

I don't know what it is about Tom because he seems to have aged very little from then to now with that boyish smile that sent girls into a frenzy then and little has changed to today.

When you have a supporting cast from Meg Ryan, to Val Kilmer and Chris Tolkan, of whom you would see a lot from in the 80's from this to Back the Future Part 1 & 2 & Masters of the Universe; you know you have the making of a great movie where fun is had and that harsh lessons are learnt as a direct consequence of your actions. That much is true from Maverick's perspective as he learns to grow up in a big way as he's sent to the Top Gun school of flying for not being able to keep to the regime that he's supposed to adhere to.

The movie knows what it is and it's just junk-food for the brain as not every movie needs to morally seriously and gritty realism. Of which I think has outstayed it's welcome on the silver-screen as people go to the Cinema to escape realism and not to jump head-first back into it.

Added to the mix with 2 iconic tracks from Berlin's 'Take my Breath away' to Kenny Loggins' legendary 'highway to the dangerzone' just made the flick more memorable as Berlin's song is not something that fades from your mind so soon with it's haunting beat which also serves as the love theme between Maverick and Charlie. Dangerzone was more for that adrenaline rush that was necessary when the flights take on a more combative style.

I have heard word on the wire that a sequel has been talked about for some time. Part of me would be intrigued to see where that could go, yet the other half feels that would be just another senseless sequel just serving as a means for Hollywood to make a quick buck whom as ever seen very short on ideas for flicks.

1984 was indeed a good year. And this is just one reminder of why that is.


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