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Whether you saw Back to the Future Part 1 for the first time when it first came out or to 10, 5 years ago; you were chomping at the bit to see where the story would progress given the suggestive nature of the ending of the DeLorean taking off in Hover mode. Because a movie as amazing as the first should by all accounts have a continuation as it's too good not to.

By this point, it's 1989 and the fans have some idea of what to expect. That's always the nature when you do followups because a first-time ever movie; no one knows what to expect because it's a fresh concept, but when you do another they want to see something bigger and more grandiose as they're quick to get jaded.

I like how the story paints the 2015 as suggested in 1989 as a very happy future with innovative technology where people seem to be very jovial and a lot of use of gadgets from self-life drying jackets (I'm still waiting for mine), hover-boards, black & Decker pizza hydraters, video conferencing and thumb print recognition (although this had been used as tech in Knight Rider with bio-metric fingerprint pads on KITT's door handles).
And to be fair, a lot of what was predicted actually came to pass. We have video conferencing via the advent of Skype, motion controls for video game consoles in Xbox Kinnect, Nintendo Wii & PlayStation move. Bio-metrics did come into play with Laptops as a means only the registered person could access it via his fingerprints.

Hover-boards are here, but not in the manner that we would prefer as they can only hover over a magnetic rail underneath it.

All that's missing is the time-traveling DeLorean and everything is perfect.

Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd continue to build on the chemistry that they had in the first movie back in 1985 to the degree that they take responsibility for their actions in altering history and the future as a direct result of either purchasing the sports almanac and to the Doc preventing Martin McFly Jr from going to jail by having Griff and his gang crash into the clock house courtroom.

Christopher in particular is just amazing as the Doc with his eccentric facial expressions and his over the top reactions to situations whether it's as the 1985 Doc Brown or the younger 1955 counterpart. To some degree that he made this cool long before Jim Carey cornered that market with his wacky performances in Ace Ventura and the Mask.

Michael is very likable as Marty McFly. A very happy go lucky kid that just so happens to hang out with an eccentric inventor that at times borderlines on mad scientist status. But he would probably argue that he's just eccentric.

The minor critiques I give this Part is that history seems to repeat itself with how Marty gets himself into scrapes as he did in the first movie by either escaping Biff's gang on a makeshift skateboard or confronting Biff.

Tom F Wilson is hilarious as the less than knowledgeable jock Biff Tannen. When you have an antagonist whose main line is "why don't you make like a tree and get out of here" you know you're in for comedic situations where you're just rooting for this guy to get his as it's just fun to see a bully fail.

The other critique is the way Crispin Glover was written out of the sequel as George McFly. I know it was down to a dispute between him and the Producers. I'm not going to get into that. What I will say from a story perspective is that it didn't seem right.

I enjoyed the idea of re-enacting the first movie but with the leading roles watching from the shadows in essence as to not disturb the course of the events from the first movie.

The message that I enjoyed that no matter what mistake you make; you can rectify and put things right, which is what Marty learns when he destroys the Almanac and resets the future to how it was before Biff from 2015 changed history.

Alan Silvestri provided another amazing score to complement the iconic theme from the first movie and it really does help the movie to have this large and grandiose presence that not many flicks have. It's not really a surprise when he's one of the best composers in the business.

I like that each movie follows directly into the followups. I grant that was not intended with the original in 1985, but when you look back at it now, it does it beautifully.

That leads us into Part 3 heading to the old west which will keep for another time.


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