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It has been a dream of mine to stay at a haunted dwelling for a night or two with the hopes of encountering a ghost. Although I have frequently expressed my extreme interest, it appears that all of my friends are just really big scaredy-cats.

Airbnb is giving a lucky guest the most twisted experience of a lifetime: two people can win an overnight stay the the historic Catacombs of Paris, complete with their legendary walls adorned with creepy skeletons.

This sounds like a better premise than half of the horror films that are in existence. So where can I sign up?!

You can right here! Extra perks include a real bed (which sounds much more comfortable than a pile of bones), a "dazzling culinary experience," a concert, and more importantly, a spooky bedtime story describing the tales from the catacombs.

The contest ends October 20th, so make sure you have time to come up with an incredibly important reason for why you should be the winner. And if you do win, make sure to bring all the proper equipment: camera, a recorder, some sage, and your local priest.

I guarantee you're gonna need him.

[Source: Jezebel]


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