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The Story:

Jay Garrick explains to Team Flash that he is from Earth 2, and that he is known as the Flash there. He offers to help with them fight the new meta humans coming out of the wood work and Zoom as well. They are skeptical, especially Barry, who does not want to trust anyone after the ordeal with Eobard. Jay's story checks out and Professor Stein proposes the idea of infinite earths. A new recruit to Joe's police force name Patty Spivot persistently asks Joe to join his Anti Meta Human Task Force, which he initially declines. Another meta human named Eddie Slick aka Sand Demon is dropped off by Zoom to kill Barry. He nearly kills Barry causing the team to intervene. Joe tells him to let his friends help him and Iris helps him trust again. He accepts Jay's help and learns a new ability, while Patty is abducted by Sand Demon. Jay agrees to being a decoy for Barry while he saves Patty. He uses his new electricity throwing power to turn Eddie into glass while he is distracted by Jay. They both run to Patty (recreating The Flash of Two Worlds cover) who is stunned to see the two of them. Joe tells Patty that she can join his task force and while the team is at the lab talking, Dr. Stein collapses. He is surrounded by a blue flame.

The Action:

The fight between Jay and Zoom was pretty awesome to see. Zoom was able to easily get the upper hand on Jay and was about to finish the job just before that singularity opened. I can not wait to see The Crimson Comet and the Scarlett Speedster to go against him together.

The Sand Demon powers were portrayed pretty well. We got to see Joe getting laid out with a giant sand punch, Jay being strangled and Sand Demon turning into, well, sand.

This time we get a lot more slow mo on the super speed and it looked amazing. The fight sequence at the end was a bit short, but was still a cool way to showcase Barry's new lightning throw ability.

New Characters/Cameos:

Jay Garrick- I really liked the way the show portrayed this character. Strong, determined and wise. With a more experienced speedster on their side, and this time a a good guy, we are definitely going to see some more cool powers for Barry to learn. it's also nice to see someone who can actually really understand Barry and his abilities. Plus, with him being from another time, makes for some cool flashbacks from his perspective. Sign me up for some Earth 2 moments with Jay Garrick.

Zoom- We only see him in a few scenes and very briefly, but that's what makes him even more interesting. His suit is black with blue lightning emitting from his body. Matched with Tony Todd's booming voice and demonic looking mask, the mystery of who is beneath the mask gets the theories going. Another post is going to be created for some theories we've got going on in our heads as to who is under the mask.

Patty Spivot- She's definitely a character who needs to stay on the show. The moment we meet her, you can not help, but to fall in love right away with her. Not only is she beautiful, she also has positive vibe about her, despite her tragic reason of joining the police force.

Sand Demon/ Eddie Slick- Just like the previous week, we get another one of Zoom's time displaced lackies. He was an okay villain, but was taken out way quicker than the Atom Smasher. Slick was more a villain of the week kind of character, but still a pretty cool one.

Harrison Wells- He is mentioned a whole lot throughout the episode, but we get to see him at the very end. He seems to be in an alternate timeline, but still at Star Labs. While it is nice to see him, the question is whether Wells is more connected to everybody else than we thought. Stein mentioned that each alternate world version of ones self would be different, but why was Wells still attached to Star Labs. I can not wait to see where they take his character and how he will be reunited with Team Flash.

Character Interactions:

Team Flash-Barry yet again doubts his team and it is up to Iris to pull him back. The addition of Jay was reassuring as he really understood Barry. Stein, Caitlin, and Cisco being the brains of the operation with Cisco's helpful hunches. Its always a joy to see these three geek out together. Joe not wanting to fully embrace the weirdness that continues to pop up again provided some laughs. Jay Garrick who I hope stays with the team a while looks to be the new mentor for Barry so that's awesome.

Barry and Jay- These two did not get off on the right foot at all. With Barry not wanting to trust a complete stranger, you understand why he is that way. He was betrayed by the one person who helped him become of the Flash. When Barry finally let's Jay help we see a new mentor for him, so welcome to the team Jay! Plus he taught Barry his cool lightning throw, so thanks for that too.

Barry and Patty- We finally get a new love interest for Barry and like Linda, she seems to be a keeper. They really seemed to have hit it off and I can not wait to see more of them together.

Stein and Cisco- These two have the number one bromance since Cisco and Barry. It was nice to see Cisco vent to Stein about his emerging meta human abilities and Stein telling Cisco it was okay to be afraid.

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Jay and Caitlin- Although it seems way to soon for Caitlin to be gushing over someone, these two had great chemistry. Almost the same way I see Barry and Caitlin together. Something may blossom here and I think I'm okay with that.

Barry and Iris- She did it again. She pulled Barry back to reality and saved our hero from himself again. Iris provides the emotional support for the group and it looks like we can rely on her to do it again.

Joe and Patty- The moment these two meet resulted in some giggling. She kept pestering Joe on wanting to join the Anti Meta Human Task force, but once you learn why, you like her even more.

Easter Eggs:

Crisis on Infinite Earths- While it is is way too early to go into this story line. Stein explaining the theory to the team is obviously a shout out. It made made so excited hearing it come from him even though we all understand what is going on.

New 52- Cisco mentions that there are 52 singularities throughout the city. In 2011 DC relaunched and revamped their comic book stories and characters and called it The New 52.

Flash of Two Worlds- I was waiting to see how they were going to recreate the iconic cover and they did not disappoint. It looked even cooler when I paused the TV and looked at my DC History of Comics book my awesome brother got me.

Blackgate Penitentiary- Earth 1 Eddie Slick tried to convince Joe that he was not the person he was looking for and that he had been locked up there. Batman anyone.

Kryptonite: While Cisco is tinkering at the lab, you can see a green glowing object on the table. It could possibly be kryptonite and if it is, awesome.


Like last week. We have to wait a week.

What's to Come/Theories:

Bring on Captain Cold and his father who Cisco dubbed Colonel Cold. Looks like Barry is going to have to handle the rouges and their family in the next episode. Bring on the corny punch lines Snart, we are ready.

Final Thoughts:

The Flash of Two Worlds dove a little bit into the different worlds that exist since the singularity a few months back. With portals open for anyone to walk through and with Zoom dumping bad guys out to kill the Flash, we are in for one hell of the season. There was just enough action in this episode, but it was all about setting up what's to come, now that Barry knows who the next big bad is. What did you guys think of this episode of The Flash. Leave it in the comments below, we'd love to read them!


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