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Hello, I would like to say thank you for reading my very first post on here, now without wasting any more of your time Gravity Falls fan, lost reader, or just time waster...Lets Talk some Gravity Falls baby

Now as you should know by now, if not just watch the ending to every episode of Gravity Falls Season 2, and come back to this post to understand what I am talking about here!

Cryptograms of Season 2. 4 more left
Cryptograms of Season 2. 4 more left

The picture above is one giant picture, combined of littler pictures from the end of every episode of Gravity Falls Season 2. Please note this season is going to be 21 episodes long, so we are nearing the end....panic now if you want I won't judge you...yes i will, and i will laugh at you if you do.

Of course you can see that there is Stanley, and Stanford with symbols around them that were from the episode involved with them. Then there's the triangle behind their heads....BILL CIPHER....Knock Knock...Who's there? Bill... Bill who? Bill Cipher, and the end of the world as you know it!

The picture has episode 1-17 of Season 2 so far, with 4 left. I will not being updating the picture, I'm lazy sue me...WAIT don't sue me I'm broke...jk, nvm.

Information for episode 18, Xpcveaoqfoxso, will be coming out on the 26th of October, this year! Episode 19 however might be coming out November 6th of this year as well! (I'm not 100% sure god damn internet isn't good for the future knowledge of a children show on Disney XD (America) ).

Now here's some spoilers for Episode 17...if you haven't seen that yet...get out...I mean it get out! GET THE BOTTOMLESS PIT OUT OF HERE, THEN COME BACK AFTERWARDS TO FINISH THE ARTICLE YOU HAVE STARTED, BUT NOT YET FINISH! ...Get out....

Episode 17 showed that the end is near...and the future is coming for us all...or is it? Dipper and Great Uncle Ford go on a hunt for alien glue...that's right alien glue to fix the rift that has crack. Meanwhile Mabel is planning Dipper and hers 13th Birthday party, but soon discovers growing up is not what it seems...(Ik the feel...damn my sweaty hormonal raging betraying body!! No more Doritos for you!) and to make it worse, Mabel will be losing her friends, and her brother as he takes a job as Fords apprentice, for him to stay in Gravity Falls, while she leaves after the sad. Chin up kiddo we're not done yet.

As Mabel runs off into the woods crying at the thought of losing her brother, but she took the wrong backpack with her.... as Dipper soon discovers the rift is with Mabel, whom is greeted by Blendin , the former time agent who is now a time agent again...with cute hair, talks to Mabel asking her if she wants summer to never end, in exchange for the rift object...she gives him the rift and he drops it on the ground and stomps on it! Bill was controlling Blendin the whole time and now the rift is open, and here comes the Apocalypse.

Now...what's going to happen next....will Ford and Dipper, and maybe Soos be able to fix this or will we all die? I've read some theories...Stanley will die, Soos is not what he seems, Robbie is a zombie, and this...

Bill Cipher Wheel
Bill Cipher Wheel

1. The Question Mark=Soos
2. The Bag of Ice=Wendy?
3. Fez Symbol=Stanley
4. Pine Tree=Dipper
5. Star=Gideon
6. 6 Finger Hand=Stanford
7. Llama=Pacifica?
8. Shooting Star=Mabel
9. Stitch Heart=Robbie
10. Glasses=...Idk...i kinda hope Old Man McGucket.

With 3 episodes left...we don't have much time left...summer is coming to an end....the world is nearing its end...can our heroes save the day? Find out next time on Gravity Falls October 26, 2015.

Thank you for reading my first article. Hope to see you again. Buy Gold, Bye.


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