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Tarantino is a towering film maker among us. While his films aren't as BIG as James Cameron's, or as thought provoking as Steven Spielberg's,they all have his own signature, which is something to look for in movies. And NONE are as unique than those of Sir Quentin. His movies are so great, it's hard to decide which are the top five, and even harder to put them in order. But here we go.

5. Django Unchained

Starting off our list, is Django Unchained. I loved the whole bounty hunter premise, and the utter gruesomeness of this film. Not just in violence, but language as well. I heard the "N" word more times than I thought was really necessary, but who am I to question a master? The supporting cast was amazing, and Jamie Foxx himself proved himself as an actor to be dealt with.

4. Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2

I'm quite aware these are two separate films, but for the sake of this list (and me not having to choose between the two), I'm putting them together. While these are stylish revenge flicks, they really put an emphasis on the style aspect. Uma Thurman is a terrific actress, and any movie with badass female ninjas, has got me sold! They were bloody, funny, and had a large amount of depth to them as well. To this day I can't really decide which of the two is better.

3. Reservoir Dogs

Man, for being one of his earliest films, it had such an impact and you could definitely felt its presence. The thing I loved the most is how it was about a robbery gone wrong, but we never actually see it. The film really only shows the aftermath, and the planning phases, which was a great way to build up tension to the final minutes of the film. It had you wondering if the crew would snap on each other, and if the undercover cop would get caught. Kudos to you good sir.

2. Inglorious Basterds

God I love this movie! I was very impressed at how well it was handled. I thoroughly enjoyed the setting in World War II, and how immensely packed it was with not only action, but incredibly tense moments, that really left you on the edge of your seat. It also had some funny moments to break that tension as well. This is a classic film any Tarantino fan would immediately love.

1. Pulp Fiction

You obviously saw this coming. Pulp Fiction is not only Tarantino's best movie, I feel it's one of the best films of all time. The acting was superb, and the actors had amazing chemistry. I was a huge fan of the disjointed time jumps, as it was handled very well. Not to mention it had a great balance of action, storytelling, and humor. No matter what Quentin does down his career, I feel no other project will trump this masterpiece.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed the list. What's you favorite Quentin Tarantino movie? Do you agree with all or most of the list? Tell me what you think in the comments and poll below. Follow me for more content, take care guys!


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