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The latest DLC released for [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) followed Dick Grayson attempting to subdue Penguin before he can escape from the GCPD. While short like the rest of the DLC's, it was the first to be set after the events of Knight and gave insight as to what happened to the team after Bruce's "death", such as...

Tim and Barbara got married!

Yes, the star-crossed tragic lovers finally tied the knot! While infiltrating the GCPD, Lucius Fox tells Nightwing that Barbara Gordon-Drake and Tim Drake have sent them some photos from their honeymoon on a stunning island. Let's hope they don't share the island with a fellow billionaire vigilante...

Red Hood has replaced Batman

During some thug dialogue it is hinted that both Red Hood and Nightwing are viewed as Batman's replacements in the Gotham underworld. While not revealing much, it does confirm that Red Hood is indeed active in Gotham and has been cleaning up the streets during Batman's "death". It is also alluded that Lucius Fox has been communicating with both vigilantes, assisting them as Alfred assisted Batman. Speaking of Lucius Fox...

Lucius Fox owns EVERYTHING!

During some dialogue, Nightwing reveals that Lucius Fox has acquired all of Bruce's assets and is now the majority shareholder of Wayne Corps. Can you imagine Red Hood and Nightwing with full access to Wayne Tech gadgets? Also, he is meant to throw "off the chain" parties...

Wait, if Lucius has full control of Wayne Tech and it's gadgets, and has been confirmed to be helping out Vigilantes, does that mean...?


Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, is an American mixed martial artist who later on becomes the superhero Batwing. Batwing is famous for not only fighting crime in America, but taking the fight to countries, such as Africa, to overthrow their corrupt Governments.

Now, just because Fox owns Wayne Corps and likes to help vigilantes does not confirm Batwing, but if we go back to Arkham Knight's main story several thugs bring up foreign countries and mention their corrupt Governments.

While we will probably never get a Batwing DLC, it is great to see the creators throw all of these Easter eggs at us.


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