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Before you read this article, if you haven't watched Season 5 of The Walking Dead (specifically the mid-season finale) STOP NOW! SPOILERS ARE TO COME. You've been warned!

Now my theory may be a bit far fetched but just bear with me here, as I believe the beloved Beth Greene may return to AMC's hit show, The Walking Dead. Yes I am well aware Beth was shot in the head by officer Dawn in the mid-season finale, and I may be holding onto false hope that it's possible we see her in season 6. Beth was killed off for a few reasons:

  • She was a secondary character for most of her presence on the show (until season 4)
  • She didn't offer much to the group besides being the 'girl singing around the campfire'
  • The writers didn't think many people cared about her character

For whatever reason they decided to kill her off, we may never know. The real reason you're here is not because you want to know why she died, but how can she be coming back.

First it's VERY unlikely Beth will be coming back for good, or alive for that matter, but I will explain how Beth could come back to our TV screens soon enough. My first indication that there's a possibility of her return is because AMC hadn't planned for the backlash for killing Beth off in such a poor way (Her actions were very out of character in her final moments in my opinion). But there is a petition that was floating around for awhile to bring back Beths character, and it was widely supported with over 60,000 signatures! Now this is a small demographic of the roughly 18 million people who watch the show every week, but there has never been such a strong support for a character killed off this show (or any show from my own knowledge), I'd hate to see what happens if they killed Daryl (riot maybe?). If you feel the need to sign the petition still, or just don't believe me here it is .

I may lose a few of you with my next point, but just hear me out. I was browsing Instagram the other night, when I came upon a post by Emily Kinney; the actor who plays Beth. Her post was of a man holding a video camera, but what really stuck with me was the caption: "Hi. Making something cool today. " On my Iphone the balloon appears as red, so depending on what device you're reading this from it could look slightly different. What peaked my interest was in fact the balloon, balloons have been a prominent symbol in Season 6 of the show thus far (yes I am aware we have only seen one episode), could Emily be hinting at some sort of guest appearance on the show. I know you're thinking that it's just an emoji, that I am reaching a little far, but she could have picked a number of different 'celebration' emojis but she stuck with the balloon. Not only that but in the picture she is clearly filming SOMETHING, yes it could be a music video (if you haven't checked out her albums I suggest you do) or maybe another show or movie. Then the caption does say 'today' which could mean she is filming today, or she could've said today to throw us off, only time will tell I suppose.

Now I know I have you thinking, even if this all hints at Beth coming back, her character had a bullet go straight through her head and they buried her somewhere in the woods, she can't come back. Well in the Season 6 premier they did some flashbacks, which is a little different then most seasons. It's possible they can bring Beth back in a flashback, maybe they will show what happened when Carol woke up in the hospital with Beth, or a scene that wasn't shown while Beth was alone with Daryl. My personal favorite theory would be if Maggie (her sister) had some sort of dream, to show the guilt she had for never having faith her sister survived the prison attack and not looking for her and focusing on Glenn. However they would decide to do it, it is a possibility for them to bring her back for a few moments in an episode, after all it wouldn't be the first time we've seen a character after they died. A few characters who returned after death were:

  • Lori
  • Shane
  • The Governor
  • Beth (this happened an episode after her death episode and therefore the episode was filmed before the petition was created and before the writers would've known how much people truly loved her)
  • Hershel
  • Mika and Lizzie

So it's not completely unusual for the writers of the show to bring back the dead in various different ways.

Overall I could be being unrealistic and just making theories in my head but it is possible that Beth could be seen again, and there is sufficient proof to make this theory possible.

If you forgot how her death went down, the video should be down below:


Would you like to see Beth come back?


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