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Episode 1of Season 4 of Arrow was so great that it made this episode's problems look worse than they already were. This episode had some good things, but for the most part, there were a lot of issues that bothered me and need to be figured out. So, let's get into it!

Felicity Takes Over Palmer Tech

One of my biggest problems with this episode is that they just blow off the fact that Ray is dead. In Season 3, we were left on a cliffhanger and now in Season 4, they deal with his death like Moira's, where they blow over it because it's in the past. We know that Ray is not actually dead, but Star City doesn't know that.

Felicity is now the prestiged CEO of Palmer Tech but the company is going through a lot of issues. The solution is to fire people, and that is not what Felicity wants to do. We meet Mr. Terrific (Curtis Holt) who helps Felicity solve this problem. It looks like they are going to have good chemistry. Curtis Holt is gay also, which makes the first gay character in this universe.


I really liked Anarky and he got to develop. He wanted to work for Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E., but they have different morals. Darhk wants order and he calls Anarky out on it. He wants chaos. We got a glimpse of this chaos when he has Danforth tied up and he pretends to let her go. "Pinky promise?", and then he breaks her finger. That scene was awesome. Then Thea set him on fire and Oliver let him out, but he still "died". Oliver cared and they made this an issue. In Season 1, The Flash was so against killing and violence in the show, just like Arrow, but in Season 2 of The Flash, they have been killing all of the meta-humans. Anarky is not dead and we hopefully see more of him this season.

The Lazarus Pit Effects

Thea is now experiencing extreme violence and anger due to the effects of the Lazarus Pit. Even Diggle pointed out that she has been experiencing this for over 6 months. Oliver says it's been developing into this, which is just lazy plot writing. Now that Laurel knows, she wants to bring Sara back to life, even though she knows the problems that Thea is going through! With Thea, it was just three days, but with Sara, it will be over a year! She will be completely different, I don't get it!

End of Episode Thoughts and Predictions

Again, this was a weaker episode and hopefully we can move on strongly. The funny thing about this whole thing is that Darhk got what he wanted: to prevent Danforth from run for mayor. Looks like Anarky's methods worked, even when he tried to stop his own plan. Now Oliver wants to run for mayor, great. If the Green Arrow isn't a symbol of hope, then Oliver is doing something wrong because the Flash is in Central City. Lastly, the flashbacks were boring again. I didn't care for them, like all of Season 3. They need to fix this problem soon.

What did YOU guys think about this episode? Tell me below!


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