ByWilliam Butler, writer at
I'll take a good story wherever and in whatever medium I can find it.
William Butler
...ell, to live action regardless of whether it American or Asian studios doing the work. The series of Blood films and shows (original Anime movie, Blood+ series, Blood-C series/film, and live action Blood movie) is a good example. I've also watched several Anime and Manga based series translated to live action from Korean and Japanese studies, with limited success. We also have only to look at western comic and animated characters, to see turning them into live action can be a mixed bag. Those who consider ourselves X-Men faithful view the movie franchise with disdain. While it has enjoyed box office success, it has never been faithful to the source material. Even Marvel Studios has struggled with some of their efforts; how to balance fantastic with believable. I'm looking forward to Ghost in the Shell, if only because I so love the Anime movies and series. I won't get my hopes up, however, because it's always easier to be pleasantly surprised than have your hopes dashed to the ground. Another problem with turning an Anime series into a one-shot movie (whether live or animated), is the difficulty of taking huge amounts of story content and condensing it into a two or three hour package. That alone, is enough to make the odds insurmountable.

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