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Henry Allen is one of my favorite characters on The Flash. He provides a calm voice of reason for the show, acting as an emotional rock for our titular hero. Recently, in an odd turn of events, Henry Allen was released from prison after a confession video from Harrison Wells was given to Barry. In an even odder turn of events, Henry chose not to stay with his son, instead leaving him and Central City behind.

But why the sudden change? Why wouldn't a man just released from prison after 20 (?) years stay with his son? Of course the given reason is that he wants to allow Barry to be Flash, but what if the true reason is far more evil? Well, let's start at the beginning:

Every Character Has Alternate Versions of Themselves

This one comes as no surprise - everyone knows it. Caitlin Snow has a version of herself out there that's Killer Frost. Barry's is in prison in some other universe. Harrison Wells is from another universe, too. I think we can assume Henry Allen has one as well - one that isn't in prison. We've only been introduced to one alternate Earth at the moment, it's safe to assume that this not-in-prison Henry Allen is from Earth-2. With me so far?

Henry Allen Doesn't Have the Best Intentions on Earth-2

On our Earth, Barry Allen became a hero mainly because his father went to jail (not the direct reason behind it, but it led to it). What's to say that in Earth-2, where everything is flipped, Henry Allen didn't become a villain because his son was in prison? It's similar to the 'Flashpoint' story arc, with Thomas Wayne becoming Batman because of Bruce's death, except he goes down a different path.

Okay... But What Does That Have to Do With Earth-1 Henry?

Season 2 of The Flash began six months after 'The Singularity.' Earth-2 characters made their way to Earth-1 during The Singularity. What if, and hear me out here, Earth-2's Henry Allen (the evil one) came to our Earth during The Singularity, then? He went to the prison on this Earth, found Henry Allen (the good one), and, as sad as I am to say it, killed him. Evil Allen would now proceed to take the place of Good Allen, waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal The Flash's powers. This perfect opportunity has appeared now, with Henry Allen out of prison and Barry Allen at his most vulnerable (emotionally).

Why Would They Do That, and How?

Making such an important character the villain would be an incredible moment for the show. While it'd be considered similar to the first season's reveal of Harrison Wells, this one would hold more gravitas, simply because we've only seen Henry Allen as a victim and nothing else. Some questions (like where he got the costume from, why his lightning is blue, etc.) can't be answered with the amount of information we have right now, but expect answers soon (or in May).

So that's my two cents on this whole matter. I honestly don't know if I'd want Henry to be Zoom because of how much I love him, but I understand that it'd do wonders for the show.


Who do you think Zoom is?


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