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GET YOUR READING GLASSES READY!!!! Okay so the title is a little misleading, it’s not exactly an adoption of the Born to Run series, but hear me (or read) out. I know there will be some feedback about multiple heroes in one story, but I don't see the reason for retelling Flash's origin story again with CWs Flash doing such a great job at that. I get the different universe argument, but an origin is an origin. Why retell it? In this story why not involve Iris, Wally, and Daniel West and a story arch that is an Origin story for Wally of sorts. For this movie I would like Daniel West to Iris's older brother carrying for their young nephew.

Story Arch:

Barry would have been a hero for a couple of years and working as a Forensic Scientist for the police force. This story would be after Dawn of Justice (of course0 and will lead to another type of team up film. His life is seemingly perfect; he has his fiancée Iris, his career, and is a hero the world loves. That is until Barry attempts to stop a robbery that affects his personal life. While n a midnight stroll he finds Turtle leading a group of guys attempting to steal a priceless artifact from Central City Museum. When Turtle senses trouble after two of his associates disappear he shoots the other leaving him to die. The man that was shot happens to be Daniel West. Barry transports West to the hospital allowing Turtle to escape.

Iris struggles with the thought of her brother (who she hasn’t seen in years) being a big time criminal. Now she’s watching him fight for his life. On his deathbed he explains the he was still taking care of Wally since his parents (their sister and her husband) were murdered. He blames the Flash for what happens, and asks the she take care of Wally who was staying in a hotel. Iris agrees, but before she could really get to him he was arrested. Wally was taken into custody after Barry reported him and his friends spray painting an ally. Barry was unaware that his name was West after giving a fake name (Jay Garrick). Barry and Wally struggle to find common ground especially after their awkward first encounter. Meanwhile Daniel is fighting for his life, but he receives an offer from Neron that would forever change his life. Neron gifts Daniel with the powers of the Flash thus creating the first speedster Barry has to face. After escaping from the hospital making him a wanted fugitive Daniel (Reverse Flash) goes on a crime spree. Daniel finishes the job he started with Turtle after he kills him then turns his attention to the Flash.

Barry and Wally’s relationship is still a work n progress even after months of spending time with each other. Wally is a fast talking, loud, arrogant, class clown who can’t get a grip on the lame, nerdy Barry. Baryy finally decides to let Wally see another side of him after inviting him to the lab promising him he could meet the Flash. While in the lab Barry separates himself revealing the Flash, but maintaining his identity, Daniel coincidentally traveling past the lab sees this and attacks. Wally is knocked out and chemicals spill all over him, the bolts of lightning from their battle creates a similar effect that caused Barry to get his powers. After losing the battle to Daniel Barry attempts to check on Wally, but he is gone. Daniel kidnaps his nephew and reveals himself to be the other Flash. Wally is furious that his uncle murdered so many people all for the sake of revenge. Realizing his nephew isn’t on board he uses him and Iris as bait to trap the Flash. Barry while on a rescue mission to save his family has to reveal himself to Wally that he is the Flash. Fight scene happens dramatic story and Barry wins, before he could arrest Daniel and transport him to Iron Heights Neron shows up and takes Daniel with him.

Iris West – Natalie Emmanuel

Natalie Emmanuel is an up and coming actress who should see more roles. I’m sure it was because of GoT that helped her get recognized. The New 52 isn’t a fan favorite, but I think it could be. Having Natalie as Iris would be a great get. She could portray a strong willed, tough Iris.

Wally West - Shameik Moore

New 52 Wally (without the bi-racial) would be a cool way to go. Wally and Barry butting heads would make for a fun and funny story arch, which would lead to Wally boltting and forming the Young Justice team (fan cast coming soon). With Ezra being so young I think Wally should be even younger. Have him in the movie, but without the powers until the end. Moore is two years younger than Ezra and shorter so it's believable that Ezra would be older. Moore is on his way to big things a soon. He was excellent in the critically acclaimed film Dope and he has a show titled The Get Down coming up.

Daniel West – Nate Parker

One of the main antagonists for this movie, Daniel was gifted with his powers after being shot by his partners in an attempt to distract the Flash. While in the hospital, handcuffed Daniel’s life began to fade Neron appears looking to take his soul, but he offers Daniel West a gift, a way to seek revenge for those who wronged him. Parker isa really good actor and has some great movies under his belt including Great Debaters, Red Tails, and Beyond the Lights. His talent will breathe some great life into Daniel West painful journey.

Linda Park – Miranda Cosgrove

Linda Park is the love interest of Wally West and his future wife. For this movie she will be his friend, someone he could turn to after he is gifted with his powers and finding out his uncle was Reverse Flash. Miranda is corky, funny, pretty and perfect for the role, Her role on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and Despicable me were the reasons why I picked her.

Turtle – Ralph Fiennes

Big time criminal and leader of a group of thieves. Turtle is one of Flashes first foes, but for this movie he is a pawn in a larger battle. Turtle is an older villain, but I want him to be a convincing mastermind. Wrath of the Titans were the reasons he was cast here. Fiennes is an excellent protagonist and would add something different and less cartoonish to the role.

Neron – Josh Holloway

Neron is a demon that uses his powers to convince heroes and villains to sell their souls. For this movie and a sequel he will do just that. Josh Holloway (Lost and MI: Ghost Protocol) has the look and acting chops to play a role that requires him to be a smooth talking charismatic demonic entity.

Bonus for the heck of it cameo appearance from Jay Garrick who catches his old nemesis Turtle.

Jay Garrick - Dennis Quaid

Garrick was the first ever Flash after playing college ball he became a hero. Later he founded the Justice League Society of America. Quaid would be perfect as the semi retired hero who comes in to stop Turtle and give a nod to the Golden Age.

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