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Big to small screen adaptations are becoming a common practice in today's entertainment industry, and this bit of news keeps the ball rolling. The 2011 action thriller Haywire is headed to the small screen thanks to relativity media, a media and entertainment company responsible for a number of action films and action-film productions. Relativity media hopes to further capitalize off of Steven Soderbergh's cult favorite action film amid their bankruptcy scare. The studio seems convinced that they can pull themselves out of near-bankruptcy by investing more in the tv market.

Here's the plot synopsis for the film:

Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is a highly trained operative for a government security contractor. Her missions take her to the world's most dangerous areas. After Mallory successfully frees a hostage journalist, she's betrayed and left for dead by someone in her own agency. Knowing her survival depends on learning the truth behind the double-cross, Mallory uses her black-ops training to set a trap. But when things go awry, Mallory knows she'll die unless she can turn the tables on her adversary.

Haywire is considered to be "a masterpiece in it's own right" thanks to the directorial stylings of Steven Soderbergh who was praised for his long takes and tracking shots which made the action feel less frantic and more believable. While Soderbegh brought his flair to the film, many praised the star herself,Gina Carano, who performed all of her own stunts and commanded the screen during the action sequences, where she was able to showcase her athleticism and aggressiveness by dispatching attackers as if she's swatting at flies. Her presence in the movie was blunt and intimidating and you basically see her as "a one woman army" who isn't going to stop until she reaches her objective.

Haywire is definitely a film that could benefit from a serialized model since viewers would be given more time to get to know her character, her motives for her actions, and her world. Gina Carano was an integral part of the film, but it's unclear if she would return to play the character on the small screen since she is still busy trying to expand into big budget movies and mainstream film. The best way to build interest for this show would probably be to bring back Carano and have her reprise her role, and get Steven Soderbergh to direct the pilot episode. Carano and Soderbergh might be tough customers to sell on this idea and they could demand something extra in exchange for agreeing to re-partner with the studio. The likely scenario is that the studio will reboot the property and hire a different actress to play Mallory Kane or they will follow in the foot steps of Limitless and make the show a small screen continuation that focuses on a young protagonist who encounters or interacts with the previous main character as a friend or foe. Details on this are scarce at the moment, so feel free to speculate and decide if you agree with the studio's plans for this property because ready or not, here it comes.


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