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JR Pearce
Hodder is my favorite jason ever wanted to meet the guy ever since he started! My mother wasn't very traditional when it came to me watching movies, I'm glad cause I got to see all of the best scary movies to date. Jason is my favorite by far, I actually got to meet him at ncg cinemas. He was making an apperance for fund raiser and we watched jason takes manhatten which is the best friday the 13th in my opinion I tell ya this night was absolutly perfect and it was all by a freak accident. I didn't know he was slated for this apperance and ncg didn't advertise it as much as I would have thought they would for someone like kane, it was very low key. But for the night of nights, my wife asked me to look at the ncg website to see if there were anything I wanted to watch with my sister in laws boyfreind to become better freinds. So I looked there and almost missed it do to the fact it was just a side item on the menu that read kane hodder special guest in little lettering, I called ncg and said to them you have kane fricken hodder at your theatre tonight and you have him in small print!! she laughed and I said I'm probly not gonna be able to get tickets am I and she said we got room I rejoiced screamed like a 14 year old girl on prom night "which I have to say being a grown ass 34 year old man at this point and admitting it is pretty funny" but I met the man the myth the legend known as jason vorhees and shared my story of losing my hand to a wood splitter and he said I was cool for being there to meet him! We got pictures together of him chopping my hand off with a machettee and him choking me out! Coolest guy ever btw! We shared stories and talked some more and got him to sign my arm and got him tattooed on my arm! To comemorate the occation. The fact that I got to play the first friday the 13th game and now there bringing another with him in it is even more amazing!!!!!!! can't wait to die and kill ppl in camp crystal lake! See you there campers!!!! chi chi chi ah ah ah ah!!

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