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Ever since DICE announced their plans for a [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) game, fans everywhere have been freaking out (me included). It has been ten years since the last one, and it was so dearly beloved that any mention of a new installation made everyone lose their minds with excitement. Now, one month away from the release date, we have learned a great deal about the game. I was one of nine million who downloaded the Beta and played constantly for five straight days, soaking in all the Star Wars glory I could.

For the most part, I loved this game, but there were a few questions that were raised during my time playing. Of course, this is only a Beta, so these issues could be changed by the time the actual game is released, but at the same time I wouldn't expect massive changes within a month. Without further ado, here are 4 things I learned about the new Battlefront game!

Good - Incredible design

Allow me to begin with the best part of this game - the design. The graphics are absolutely stunning! I legitimately can not think of another video game that I have played that is on the same level. Depicting Star Wars and all of the diverse planets is a huge task to undertake, and Battlefront more than did that. The menu is smooth and looks good, as does the HUD, but of course the actual maps take the cake.

In the Beta, I played on Hoth, Tatooine, and the new planet Sullust. Each and every one of them was beautiful and intricately detailed, and I loved every second of the gameplay. They are HUGE, but never repeat themselves, and the lanscapes are as diverse as they are thorough.

Bad - Limited Game Modes

Battlefront II had some of the greatest game modes ever. I really enjoyed the idea of Conquest - fighting for territory and command posts in addition to total kills, and was sad when I saw that the new game wouldn't include it. Other game modes that seem to have been cut (though possibly could be added in DLC) include Hunt and Hero Assault. While new game modes have been added, they are more complicated and are limited to one game mode per map and vice versa.

Three other main parts of Battlefront II that won't be continuing onto the next installation are Galactic Conquest, Space Battles, and Single Player Campaigns. While not every single person loved Galactic Conquest or Space Battles, they were great to play for the most part and the lack of a solid campaign is just inexcusable. While games are leaning towards online multiplayer now, offline single player is a must in my opinion, and Battlefront doesn't seem to be providing it.

Good - Smooth online play

I can't wait for these two to clash once more!!
I can't wait for these two to clash once more!!

As touched upon before, gaming has been tending towards online multiplayer platforms. In a lot of games (we're looking at you, Nintendo), however, the online connections are terrible and competition suffers from inordinate amounts of lag. Battlefront had none of that. Most of the game modes seem to be online, but the connection was so smooth that I didn't even realize that I was playing with others until I saw their gamer tags. The flow of the game was completely uninterrupted, and the servers seemed more than capable of handling games of sizes even as big as 40 (for Walker Assault). Other games can't handle 12 players, let alone that many, and that is impressive indeed.

Bad/Good - No distinct classes

One of the most fun features of Battlefront II was racking up enough kills to unlock special classes, such as Wookies or Droidekas. Aside from those, all the troops were divided into classes based both aesthetically and functionally. All the different classes looked different, and all had different weapons and uses. In the beta for the new game, however, DICE seems to have done completely away with this system, instead opting for load out customization in the same vein as Call of Duty (albeit very simplified).

This can be seen as a good or a bad thing, depending on who you ask. It is nice to be able to mix and match your weapons, and certainly makes the game more diverse in terms of game play, but now all of the soldiers on either side look exactly the same and a bit of the strategy involved is gone. (Once the full game is released, visual customization will be added but we do not know to what extent so I am just going off of what we see in the Beta)

Battlefront also seems to be very low on Hero classes. While Battlefront II featured a large variety of heroes and villains to choose from, the new game only has 3-6. Heroes were fun as hell, and taking away from that just doesn't seem right. However, more will most likely be added as DLC.

In Conclusion...

This game, overall, is absolutely stunning and is a blast to play. I am mostly nitpicking at small changes from the previous game, but I enjoyed myself playing the Beta and Battlefront will be in my PS4 as soon as it releases.


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