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As I have fallen in love with theories about how tv shows, movies, ect. were all in one of the character's heads (coma, mental ward, ect.) I decided to do a rough draft of an Animorphs one.

Now, since there are multiple narrators, I have decided to look at how you could argue that Animorphs was all in their heads by going character by character.

Prepare for all your happiness to go away. Oh, and if you haven't read the entire series get ready for lots of spoilers.


The story we know is that Jake, along with four other of his friends, encountered the dying Andalite named Prince Elfangor. During that encounter he became the leader of the Animorphs.

During the course of the war against the Yeerks he led his team on mission after mission. The only time he stopped being the leader was when he became overwhelmed with being the leader. Once he returned to the Animorphs he promised never to doubt himself again.

By the end of the war he had used disabled kids as cannon fodder and betrayed the Chee.

But what if that's not what really what happened?

Here are some clues:

Tom Being a Controller

Isn't Tom being a Controller a little too convenient? Isn't it more logical that instead of being a host for an evil alien slug that they have just grown apart. That does happen in life.

For those of you with siblings, you know life changes you. You might be super close at one point in time and then you aren't. Maybe because one of you went away to college first and maybe your viewpoints on things changed thus creating a distance.

Doesn't it make more sense that this is what happened to Tom?

The Sharing, or whatever its real name is, is really just a community thing to help people. Make people see their potential. So Tom, starting to realize that the Sharing represents what he wants to focus on in life, starts to become a big part of the organization.

All of his time spent on the Sharing makes it so that Tom can't spend as much time with Jake. Jake now can't relate with Tom as much so hence the distance. When Tom goes away to college, or to another branch of the Sharing or a similar organization, Jake can't deal with it.

Hence Tom dies at the end of Animorphs as that's easier for Jake to accept.

Tobias Thinking Highly of Jake

Jake is such a good hero that he rescues the kid that everyone picks on. The one that can't fight until Elfangor is eaten alive. Isn't it amazing Jake is so selfless that he does that!

Yes, yes it is.

It is more likely that Tobias' huge hero worship of Jake is purely a sign of Jake's guilt.

How you may ask?

Because Jake decided not to rescue Tobias that day or any day. Eaten by guilt, Jake imagines a story where the boy he let get beat up was actually rescued by him. This boy then tells Jake that he's the only one that can lead the Animorphs.

Jake's Relationship with Cassie

Jake and Cassie's relationship was my favorite in the series. Yes, even more than Rachel and Tobias'. I could just connect more with the former than the latter.

But let's look at how romantic the books made their relationship to be:

There was always a sense that they were destined to be with each other, hence how heartbreaking it was that they didn't last until the end of the series. A doomed love.

Also, their first kiss ended the reign of the Howlers. Hence saving a lot of species. That is super romantic, right?

So wouldn't it make more sense that Jake's relationship with Cassie, like the rest of the Animorphs series, was all in his head? Hence how romantic their relationship got.

This also explains why they didn't make it to the end. Because Jake hasn't said any of his feelings to Cassie yet and so thinks that Cassie will say no. Or, even, that their relationship really is doomed.


The story of Rachel, at least how we know it, is her being in the abandoned construction site the night of Elfangor's death. She too got the ability to morph.

Throughout the course of the war she struggled with her more bloody side and got everyone thinking that she only cared about fighting. When really she was a real fashionista too.

But what if that isn't the true story?

Rachel's Fierce Fighting in the War

Rachel was the fiercest fighter in the Animorphs. You could count on her to do something crazy and insane. She helped Tobias in his personal mission to free a red-tailed hawk.

Her signature phrase is "Let's do it!"

Would you really expect a teenager, most likely thirteen at this point, to be so gung-ho about fighting? Isn't that a little...unrealistic?

Wouldn't it make more sense that it's all in her head so she can do whatever she wants without any consequence that she doesn't want. It's not like she's really fighting a war.

It's like my dreams of becoming a Jedi and doing cool stuff. Never going to happen so I can imagine whatever I want.

Now, I know what you're thinking: if that's true why does she die at the end of the series?

Simple: Because she never wants to imagine herself without fighting. She can't.

#7's Plot

In #7 The Stranger's plot, Rachel has to decide whether or not to leave her father. It shows that she had a great love for the man and so was conflicted about what to decide.

Would she stay and fight a war to save the world or move with her father?

At least that's what the book made us believe...but what if that plot was just justification for Rachel staying?

What if there was really no alien invasion and Rachel made it all up to justify her staying with her mom. Rachel couldn't stand believing that she would abandon, at least in her mind, her father without reason.

So she had to create an elaborate daydream to justify her actions.

Melissa's Parents Being Controllers

In #2 The Visitor, Rachel finds a very personal reason to fight the Yeerks. She finds out that Melissa, her friend, has become distant because her parents are both Controllers. Melissa doesn't know about Yeerks, of course, but she does know that her parents aren't really her parents anymore.

So Rachel decides that she'll fight so Melissa will have her parents back and no other child would have to suffer that fate.

But isn't it like a child to not accept what's really going on?

So what if Rachel created this whole elaborate Yeerk Invasion so that she could help hide the truth of what was happening to Melissa. That her friend was actually being abused, mentally and/or physically.

Parents are supposed to care for their children, not harm them.


The story we know is that Marco got involved with the war by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For a very long time he was reluctant and even toyed with the idea of leaving the Animorphs. However, when he found out his mother was Visser One he decided to fight so that he could free her.

But what if that isn't the real story?

Marco's Mom Being Visser One

Visser One is Marco's real reason for continuing to fight the war. He is a mommy's boy and loathes seeing his mom being used as nothing but a puppet. So he fights in order to free his mom.

In one book he has to contemplate killing his mom as...she is the host for Visser One after all.

But what if Marco's mom being the host for Visser One has another cause?

Isn't it strange that a beloved family member just happens to turn up alive? That after many years there is some hope that a family member can return to their old life?

I say that Marco's mother died and he couldn't accept it. He's a child and so it was very easy for him to create an elaborate story just so that he could have his mother back.


Tobias is the loner of the group. He never stood up for himself until that fateful night in the construction site. He started to fight because he believed he owed a debt to the Andalite Prince Elfangor. He was soon trapped in hawk morph as he wanted to escape his human life and later learned Elfangor was his father.

But what if that isn't what actually happened?

Elfangor and Loren were just Average

One of the things that really stands out about Tobias is his parents. His father, Elfangor, was an Andalite that fell in love with a human woman and ended up being number one on Visser Three's hit list.

Loren was a brave woman who was easily able to catch onto aliens and proved extremely brave. Plus being the one to figure the trick about how to get out of the pocket dimension.

But doesn't Tobias' heritage just seem...too profound?

What if Tobias' parents weren't special at all and so he created a story to make them better. His father wasn't a drunk who abandoned him, he was a strong Andalite warrior. His mother didn't die in a car crash, she just has amnesia.

Tobias Trapping Himself in Morph

Tobias trapped himself in red-tailed hawk morph at the end of the first book. Okay, the books don't come right out and say it but if you look at the clues, there's not a shred of doubt in my mind about him trapping himself in morph.

So I guess this little headcanon would be really close to what happened in the series.

Tobias couldn't stand moving between an abusive aunt and uncle, so he decided to create a story where he had escaped. That he didn't have to worry about any of his human stuff.

But he couldn't have his story be happy so there had to be major downsides about being trapped in morph.

Even in his imagination, he couldn't be happy.

Tobias and Rachel's Romance

I don't think I'll annoy many when I say that Tobias and Rachel were shown to be soulmates really early in the first book. There were sparks flying and that seems a little odd.

Yeah, Rachel could be attracted to him but not that much.

So what if Tobias was just majorly crushing on Rachel but had never talked to her before?

Tobias could tell that Rachel was gung-ho, or at least he imagined her that way, and so made himself very into fighting the war with the Yeerks. He and his crush would kick alien butt!

This would explain clearly why it happened so fast. Relationships don't work that way, but fantasies do.


Cassie was the pacifist of the group. She was the one constantly questioning the others about their motives. She was also the one who provided the group with the ability to get a good majority of their morphs.

Cassie isn't liked by a good majority of the fandom, but I just adore her.

But what if the Cassie we know from the books isn't the real Cassie?

Cassie's More Violent Actions

Remember when I said Cassie was the pacifist of the group? Well...she did have her more violent moments. She was the one who decided David's punishment of being trapped forever in rat morph and she was the one to erase a guy from existence. Let's face it, nothing is more violent than making someone not exist at all.

So what if these uncharacteristic actions from Cassie were just flaws in her game? She did her best to stay like she was in real life but, the game being fiction, she could do things she couldn't do in real life.

Why be bothered by erasing a guy from existence who was just a figment of your imagination the entire time? Why worry about that?

Hopefully the real Cassie will keep these scenarios in her head. And now I need to write a fanfic about a deranged serial killer version of Cassie.


Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, nicknamed Ax, is the younger brother of Prince Elfangor. He crashes to Earth during the battle in the beginning of the series. He was not given a chance to fight as Elfangor didn't want his younger brother to die.

He eventually is rescued by the Animorphs and slowly opens up to them. When he does, he becomes a valuable ally, friend, and comrade.

But what if that isn't the real story?

Being an Alien

Ax is the only alien on the team. An alien teenager separated from everything that he knows and has to team up with a species he is taught is beneath him.

Doesn't that sound like a perfect case for a kid who feels like an outsider? Maybe the kid has never felt normal and working with a strange team is symbolism for dealing with the world.

Andalites, the species Ax is, are a centaur like species. So it's safe to say that the kid adores mythology. With Andalites having four eyes and four eyes being a nickname for kids with glasses, the kid might even wear glasses.

Hero Worshiping Elfangor

Ax adores Elfangor to a fault. He believes that his brother can do no wrong. He believes any fright he experiences is a fear his great brother would never cringe at. He doesn't realize that his older brother is a complex individual that has done great and horrible things.

What if what's really happening is that Ax is a human with a normal older brother? Totally normal. Nothing great or special to anyone but Ax.

So Ax creates a story where his older brother is regarded highly. So that, finally, people could respect him like he does.

Puts Anything in His Mouth when in His Human Morph

Ax is greatly known for putting anything and everything in his mouth. From normal stuff like cinnamon buns to odd things like cigarette butts. Ax is knowledgeable but...when in human morph it's hard to realize that at times.

What if instead of Ax putting stuff in his mouth when in human morph because Andalites don't have mouths, it's because Ax is really an overweight teen.

People that get fat eat a lot, not talking about disorders that affect weight, and so Ax feels like he needs to justify his actions. In the story he made up in his head, he eats a lot through no fault of his own.

I mean...what if you never smelled something and so went a little crazy when smelling something for the first time? Not your fault.

What do you think of these? If you want to expand on these theories on your own, please show me what you came up with!

This is very much a rough draft and I'm throwing around ideas. So, with your help, I'm hoping to get this theory nice and shiny!

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