ByLoren Matthew Urquijo, writer at

I don't care what you do for a living, this goes out to everyone! As a carpenter, my performance determines whether I earn this much or that much. The more I learn and do great, the more money I earn. When my boss sees my work, how well I work with others and how I treat the client, his reaction determines my wages. He can demote me or promote me, cut my wages or give me a raise. I'm an employee. My ass is on the line everyday. I do my best to treat everyone with respect, do my job and just hope my boss acknowledges my effort to do the best I can and then some. I've never asked for a raise in my life and I never will. If you're good at what you do and you push yourself to do better day in and day out, your employer will reward you when you go above and beyond for your craft. There are too many spoiled workers out there who think they deserve everything on a silver platter. Do your job or they'll find someone else who will. In the end, someone will get paid so stop acting like the world owes you something. Get out there and EARN IT! Someone will get paid, may as well be you!


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