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Abel Jet Castillo

I personaly love the flash since i first saw the 90 series Justice League , which was Wally west Also kid flash ( the nephew of of Barry allen). i am not goin to spoil you the epispode. the episode is name after one of the classics flash comics boock in which flash (Barry allen) mets THE FLASH (Jay Garrick) of the Earth 2. ( i am a liar) that is what happens in the 2 episode of 2 the second season of the flash. which is the openin to a series of episodes that will focus on they frendship and how they are goin to fight zoom ( of the Earth 2).

I personaly dont want to keep this very long and i recomend you this episode that features and amazing story. also if you love this episode of the flash you shut consider Reading the comic the Flash of two worlds.

P.D: i kwow about this classic 1960 comic thanks to the internet and mi Gradpa

A hard core fan of the comics since 1940. when he whas a child.

Must be My lucky day


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