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Marvel has a lot of heroes on its plate and it doesn't fully own Spider-man but is rather sharing the rights with Sony. With Marvel's current line up of 2 to 3 movies a year, comics are being ranked by what's the most important to the bottom line. If anything doesn't greatly impact this world it gets pushed to the side which is why we won't be getting a Squirrel Girl movie anytime soon.

This is completely fine as it only focuses on the most important heroes so we don't have a whole film series dedicated to the Pet Avengers, although that might have been a fun animated movie that could have predated The Secret Life of Pets. On the other hand that means a large number of heroes that may have a cult following from a minority of Marvel's overall fans won't be able to get a movie. For example, I truly believe that if X-Men were with Marvel, Deadpool wouldn't be getting a film right now.

Sony's problem is more tradition than expansiveness. They don't want to kill Peter Parker off in order to make a Miles Morales movie. There's also the problem that people seem less interested in Miles Morales than almost any other Spider-Man incarnation (Spider-Gwen and Spider-Punk being especially popular currently). People would much rather watch a villain-centric movie like Sinister Six or Venom and Carnage than Miles Morales. Still, I think there is a fanbase out there for Miles Morales.

Miles Morales' story seems a bit stereotypical at first, black kid with ex-criminal father, standing criminal uncle and mom that does something also (I feel like they said she was a nurse but I have no clue). However, his background has very little to do with his character. When he first dons the mask, his story is about about taking up the mantle of Spider-Man from the late Peter Parker and all the trouble that comes with it.

He begins to come into his own as a hero even finding a group of hero friends to fight crime with. Miles discovers the full weight of being a hero when he loses his mom. The weight of being Spider-man became to heavy of a burden for him to handle as he proceeded to quit for a year, but the call of being a hero became too loud for him to ignore.

I believe completely that Miles does a great job of carrying the mantle of Spider-Man while bringing his own flair to the role. He has been an interesting addition to the world, constantly proving himself worthy of his title. He has fairly cool powers (invisibility and venom strike), a cool suit, and he even manages to make it as a hero without web shooters at first. Every superhero he's come in contact with approves of him, even Earth-616 Peter Parker. It would be nice to know what he's good at in school though. It's said that he is good at Science, and Peter had the whole genius science nerd thing going for him, but so far I haven't seen Miles doing anything "sciencey" or special. I think he knew a little about chemistry in Spider-Men but that's about it.

I even thought of a great trailer for a Miles Morales movie.

Everything is black and white except for the flames, the sounds of police sirens can be heard blaring. Voice Over Starts, The city is in complete desolation as super villains battle for power over the city. Shocker is seen attacking the Vulture before the Rhino charges at him and knocks him through a window. Camera pans around the city in shambles.
Peter Parker is Dead. This city has lost it's hero. When Parker died he took their hope with him. Criminals think they can do whatever they please now. Well no more. Someone needs to stand up, someone needs to fight. I got these powers and I'm going to use them. This place needs a hero, it's need a Spider-man.
Camera pans to Miles Morales in his suit, the only thing other thing in color, with his mask rolled up perched atop a building looking down on the devastation. It zooms in on his face as he rolls his mask down. He flips down and as his feet touch the ground color begins to spread out across the landscape. Miles then begins taking down the villains until he's the only one left standing. Then he stops and turns to the camera. Voice over continues.
And I'm just the guy to give it to them.
A figure lands hard behind Miles towering over him. Miles turns as the camera pans up to see the face of the dreaded Green goblin with eyes of flame. The screen goes black as webs fire into the blank space and then are ripped off by Miles to reveal the words Ultimate Spider-man

I think there would be a good way to introduce Miles too without killing off Peter Parker. Just like there are two Hawkeyes in the comics, there can just as well be two Spider-Men in one universe. The perfect way to do this is to follow the Spider Island storyline. The Jackal gives everyone in Manhattan spider powers. Spider-man manages to cure everyone before they end up dying or mutating into giant spiders.

However, Miles Morales discovers that his spider powers are still in tact after Spider-Man fixes everyone, and not only that but he has added powers of invisibility and a venom strike. He tracks down Spider-Man while he's fighting an enemy and helps Spider-Man, then explains the situation to him. Peter takes a blood sample and finds that the spider virus has completely, and possibly permanently, changed his DNA make up. Miles doesn't know how to take the news at first until Peter explains to him that he is the only one that has experienced this, as if he was chosen. Peter agrees to train him as they work on his suit.

Imagine how much easier Peter's life could be if he and Miles formed a duo. They could trade off patrol days. Maybe they always wear an earpiece to contact each other and when Peter was busy with family stuff and heard sirens he could contact Miles.

I'd be OK if he could get a Netflix TV show too. It'd be the first one that doesn't have to be as dark and brutal.

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