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Star Wars Rebels is back with a new season and in the very first episode we are already introduced to familiar faces.

In this episode the crew are tasked to look for and recruit an old commander, they don't know much about them at first but they come to find out that they are Rex and his team from the Clone Wars.

Right away Kanon has a problem with the old clone troopers, we don't completely know why but we do have an Idea. It could very much be from the fallout from after Revenge of the Sith. Kanon doesn't know about how Rex and his team had removed their chips before those events happened, and even know Kanon finds out about it, he still has some doubt.

They worked together to catch a giant worth beast that Zeb ultimately get eaten by and in need of saving, but while this is going on the Empire is watching them. At the same time we follow with Agent Kallous as he is still trying to find Ezra and the Ghost Crew. He sends down a probe to go spy on them and even get more information about the whereabouts of others.

This actually really surprised me on how well this season has started and set up, even though not much happened in terms of plot, it was nice to see how well paced everything was. Especially during the scenes where both groups have to work together to catch the giant worm as well as stopping the probe sent from the empire. I like how we were able to see the old crew from the Clone Wars show and how it really feels like they are giving closer to their stories.

This was a great start to the new season and I am already looking forward to the new episode.

Rating: B



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