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Hey all! I am beginning a little series that I like to call ABC Badasses. In this series of articles, I am going to look at the coolest, most badass (go figure) characters in a given genre for every letter in the alphabet.

The first genre I'm tackling is the long list of Disney Animated movies (not counting PIXAR, those will come later), from its earliest, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, to its most recent, Big Hero 6. Disney has been king of the entertainment industry for decades, and it was the animated films and cartoons that kickstarted what is now one of the biggest companies in the world.

So without further ado, here are the ABC Badasses of the Disney Animated Universe!

Alan-A-Dale (Robin Hood)

Robin Hood's minstrel
Robin Hood's minstrel

This minstrel was one of Robin Hood's main sidekicks in the 1973 classic, Robin Hood. He has a great sense of fashion, but don't take him lightly or his banjo will turn into a lethal weapon!

Honorable Mentions: Arthur (The Sword in the Stone), Abu and Aladdin (Aladdin)

Baloo (The Jungle Book)

Inventor of the bear-hug
Inventor of the bear-hug

This lovable bear taught us "The Bear Necessities" and cared for Mowgli throughout childhood. He fought (kinda) side by side with the man-cub against the ferocious Shere Khan, helping defeat the villainous tiger!

Honorable Mentions: Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Bernard (The Rescuers), Bagheera (The Jungle Book)

Chien-Po (Mulan)

Chien-Po is awesome. 'Nuff said.

Honorable Mentions: Crocodile (Peter Pan), Christopher Robin (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)

Dumbo (Dumbo)

He can fly. He's survived multiple burning buildings. And he doesn't even need a magical feather to do it. GO DUMBO!

Honorable Mentions: Doc and Dopey (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), Dodger (Oliver & Company)

Elsa (Frozen)

Look at that smoulder
Look at that smoulder

Not only can this badass princess control ice and snow, but she can also sing songs that are so catchy even people who haven't seen the movie know all the words. And she looks good doing it.

Honorable Mentions: None, this is an easy pick

Flint (Treasure Planet)

I legitimately had nightmares after seeing this terrifying villain on the big screen for the first time. He causes some serious trouble and is a pirate, so you know he's awesome (even though he's the bad guy)!

Honorable Mentions: Friar Tuck (Robin Hood), Flynn Rider (Tangled), Fix-it-Felix (Wreck-it-Ralph)

Genie (Aladdin)

I mean, come on. Some of these picks are tough, but this one isn't. Robin Williams? The ability to grant any wish (except 3)? Ya, Genie is the best.

Honorable Mentions: Gantu (Lilo and Stitch), General Li (Mulan)

Hercules (Hercules)

Just look at those calves. And those biceps.

Honorable Mentions: Happy (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), Hades (Hercules), Hal

Ichabod Crane (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)

It was either Ichabod or a parrot. Not many choices for 'I'

Honorable Mention: Iago (Aladdin)

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy is the perfect mentor for young Pinocchio, combining wit and experience. Plus he can sing so that's pretty cool.

Honorable Mentions: John Silver (Treasure Planet), Jake (The Rescuers Down Under), John Smith (Pocahontas)


He can cook. He can speak to squirrels. He can poison emperors and rock an awesome hat. He's Kronk.

Honorable Mentions: Khan (Mulan), King Triton (The Little Mermaid)

Li Shang (Mulan)

Li Shang is the general who takes up his father's position in the war against the Huns. While he may be a bit of a dick to Mulan, his swordfighting skills are unparalleled and he can sing with the best of them. (Honestly, "Be A Man" might be the catchiest Disney song ever)

Honorable Mentions: Little John (Robin Hood), Lady Kluck (Robin Hood)

Mulan (Mulan)

Mulan is the strong, independent woman that Disney needs and deserves. After princesses like Cinderella and Snow White, Mulan is a serious badass who can swing a sword with the best of them, all while saving her father and all of China!

Honorable Mentions: Maximus (Tangled), Mufasa (The Lion King), Mushu (Mulan)

Nala (The Lion King)

Nala beat Simba in a fight. Simba is the king. Nala is a beast.

Honorable Mention: Nana (Peter Pan)

Orville (The Rescuers)

Named for one of the inventors of the airplane, this albatross literally put the team on his back is the race to save Penny.

Honorable Mentions: Octavius (Cinderella), Olaf (Frozen)

Phil (Hercules)

Sure he's grumpy, and sure he tries a bit too hard with the females. But Phil trained the greatest heroes of all time, from Achilles down to Hercules himself, and none of them would have been as great as they were without his wise training and leadership.

Honorable Mentions: Pumbaa (The Lion King), Peter Pan (Peter Pan), Pegasus (Hercules)

Queenie (101 Dalmatians)

There weren't too many options for "Q", but Queenie definitely deserves recognition on this list. This heroine heifer shares her milk with the dalmatian pups and cares for them in a way that only a cow could.

Honorable Mentions: Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Rhino (Bolt)

This was one of the toughest choices by far, but this muscle hamster with big dreams takes the cake. Not only does he guide and protect Bolt through his journey, but he also does some serious damage in the short "Super Rhino".

Honorable Mentions: Robin Hood (Robin Hood), Rafiki (The Lion King),


He's the king. He avenges his father's murder. He gets the girl. Simba is awesome.

Honorable Mentions: Scar (The Lion King), Sebastian (The Little Mermaid), Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)


Another tough choice, but Tigger is just awesome and can bounce around on his spring-like tail. Nobody else can do that! Best friends with Winnie the Pooh, he's always happy and is a fan favorite! We all wish we were Tigger.

Honorable Mentions: Tarzan and Terk (Tarzan), Thumper (Bambi), Timon (The Lion King), Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)

Uncle Art (Meet the Robinsons)

No, he's not the brightest bulb. Yes, he's a pizza delivery man. But look at that hair and those biceps, then tell me he's not the biggest bro ever.

Honorable Mention: Uncle Waldo (Aristocats)

Vinny Santorini (Atlantis)

Vinny wins this in a landslide, as his skills with explosives are badass and there aren't really any other characters of note with the name V.

Honorable Mentions: None


This Hulk-like man has big muscles and an even bigger heart. Misunderstood and isolated, he has had to fight his whole life to be accepted. That makes him awesome on multiple levels.

Honorable Mention: Wilbur (The Rescuers)

Bayma(X) (Big Hero 6)

Ya, there are no Disney characters with names beginning with X, so Baymax, the superhero robot from Big Hero 6 will fill in this spot. He can fly and give out Band-Aids, so he's ready to help in any given situation. Oh ya, and he sacrificed himself to save the heroes. We love Baymax.

Honorable Mentions: None

Yen Sid (Fantasia)

Yen Sid is among the most powerful wizards we have seen in all of Animated Disney, so he earns a spot on this list of the biggest badasses.

Honorable Mention: Yao (Mulan)

Zarina (The Pirate Fairy)

She's a fairy AND and pirate. C'mon.

Honorable Mention: Zeus (Hercules)

Do you agree with my list? Write your own down in the comments!


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