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Ah, Moon Knight, not fighting love in daylight, but never fighting from a real fight, he is the one named, Moon Knight.

This Marvel character is one my favorites, (along side Punisher, Dr. Strange, and Vemon).

Has as he been due for something?


Can it work?

Of course.

Since the success of, Daredevil, (no, not the movie that I do like) on Nexflix this schizophrenia is coming to the small screen.


I wonder if he will already know how to box or will be training.

Since in a in a way he's like Taskmaster or maybe a teamup with Daredevil.

Or better yet, DD and MK V Taskmaster and Bullseyes with Heroes for Hire coming in, and maybe! Just maybe throw in Punisher in it!

Yeah! That be pretty cool with Kingpin leading the heavies.

I should write for Marvel.


Hire me.


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