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About The Movie;

Based on the hit video games "Dead Rising" Chase and Jordan cover the government's efforts to contain a virus that turns people into zombies. When a new drug fails to stop the spread of the disease, they team up with two survivors to escape the town before it is firebombed.

My review:

So I finally watched Dead Rising: Watchtower after hearing a lot of feedback. The feedback I heard was either, it was really good or really bad. This movie had SO many mistakes in it but I won’t say any of them because it may spoil it for the people wanting to watch it. This is the second worst zombie movie I have watched. (My first is Zombienation). I will admit that the storyline and cast choice was great though. So if they remade it with the same story line and everything the same except all the mistakes such as a zombie pulled out a gun out of his belt and shot it at him... Another big mistake was someone was eaten by heaps of zombies, then at the end you see the person as a zombie. C'mon man thats just poor for a zombie movie. Another part that really bugged me was when they were in a pawn shop and the mask from the video was there and he didn't even wear it!

Thank you for reading an i hope you enjoyed.


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