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While Marvel Comics has been dominating the film industry, DC has been raking in the ratings for it's superb television shows such as "Arrow" and the "Flash", both of which belong in the same continuity known as the "Arrowverse." It's like the Marvel Cinematic Universe ,(MCU), but with DC Comics and television. The Arrowverse has brought many B-level superheroes to our television screens such as The Atom (Ray Palmer), Black Canary (Laurel Lance), and Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond & Dr. Martin Stein) each with high praise. I've put together a list of five potential superheroes that could join the Arrowverse. Keep in mind, the Arrowverse Continuity includes the television shows "Arrow", "The Flash", the upcoming series "Legends of Tomorrow", and the Animated web series "Vixen". These characters could have regular appearances such as The Atom or guest star appearances such as Wild Cat in "Arrow."

Number 1. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

Ted Kord was the second incarnation of the Blue Beetle. Another CEO Billionaire turned superhero, Ted Kord donned the identity of the Blue Beetle after his mentor, Dan Garrett was killed in battle. Instead of using the traditional scarab which he could not activate, Kord made use of his own gadgets and physical skill to become the Blue Beetle. He's basically Batman and Green Arrow but without all of the brooding. Ted Kord has already been referenced to numerous times in the Arrowverese, in a flashback when Moira Queen remarked her husbands behavior after a Ted Kord fundraiser in 2007. His company, Kord Industries, has been featured in background shots of "Arrow" and has been shown to be robbed of several projects. Brandon Routh was to originally play the Ted Kord Blue Beetle in season 3 of Arrow but was instead replaced by Ray Palmer, the Atom. Because of Ted Kords death in Infinite Crisis, the Blue Beetle as been portrayed by Jaime Reyes since 2008, if Ted Kord was introduced in the series, it could pave the way to have the second and third Blue Beetle's in the Arrowverse.

Example: Ted Kord has been mentored to fight crime by Dan Garrett to become the new Blue Beetle, but Dan dies. Ted spends the next several years as the Blue Beetle but can't get the Scarab to activate, so he fashions his own weapons and gadgets to fight crime. He has the Scarab analyzed by S.T.A.R. Labs (introduced in The Flash). He finds Jaime Reyes and they run tests to see if he can work with the Scarab. Along the way, Kord is killed and the Scarab finally activates for Jaime Reyes and he becomes the third Blue Beetle.

Number 2: Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter)

Michael Jon Carter was a janitor at a museum from 400 years in the future. One day at work he stumbled upon the Booster Gold costume in an exhibit. Thinking he could get rich by using his knowledge about the past, he traveled back to our time and used the powers in his costume to fight crime, along with his sidekick robot skeets, to save lives and be a famous and rich celebrity.

Example: Time Travel has already been established in the Arrowverse in "The Flash." Which means it's possible that we might see him in the future. Booster Gold could travel back to the past and get in the way of the Arrow or the Flash and result in an all out brawl, but when both heroes are helpless in figuring out lets say, the location of a nuclear war head or the presidents daughter or whatever. Long story short, he proves himself useful and gains the respect of the heroes.

Number 3: The Question (Vic Sage)

Charles Victor Szasz a.k.a. Vic Sage a.k.a. The Question is a Television Investigative Journalist who uses an artificial skin mask to conceal his identity and give himself the appearance that he has no face. A gritty and conspiring man, the question would make an interesting addition to the Arrowverse. Probably as an informant to the Arrow.

Example: The Question begins to be paranoid of the Arrow, the fact that he has killed numerous criminals yet is hailed as a hero. So he goes after the Arrow and they have a huge knock down drag out fight. It resolves as a truce between the pair and the Question comes to the Arrow with cases of interest as an informant.

I know this isn't a huge list, I have more but I wanted to get this done tonight. Stay tuned!


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