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"We are Legion, for We are many." Marvel TV is adding two more shows to its already impressive lineup, with some help from Twentieth Century Fox. Though the two new X-Men shows, Legion and Hellfire, won't be part of the MCU, it's nevertheless a surprising collaboration between Marvel's head of TV, Jeph Loeb, and the team over at Fox.

Now, most casual fans of the X-Men have heard of the Hellfire Club, the secret society that functions in the vein of a mutant Illuminati. Their goals, of course, revolve around mutant domination, but they prefer subtlety and manipulation to outright resistance. Oddly enough, this has resulted in the Club aligning with the X-Men more commonly than Magneto's Brotherhood.

The show itself is set in the 60's, so the lineup is somewhat unclear. In addition, there is not yet any indication if the show will in fact be part of Fox's X-Men movie "continuity", especially given the retcons that took place as a result of X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, this tidbit from Variety gives us a hint:

Fox’s “Hellfire” is set in the late 1960s and follows a young special agent who learns that a power-hungry woman with extraordinary abilities is working with a clandestine society of millionaires, known as “The Hellfire Club,” to take over the world.

Power-hungry woman with extraordinary abilities, huh? Though there are quite a few of those in Marvel Comics, it's fairly likely that Emma Frost will be taking her classic role as White Queen. If Fox is going for the classic lineup, everyone in the above picture has a good chance at appearing. Newer members, like Madeline Pryor, could shake things up a bit.

Now that we're through the Hellfire Club, though, I'll answer the question you've had since the start: "Who the hell is Legion?"

To start, his name is fitting. It's taken from the Bible, when Jesus asked a possessed man his name. The horde of demons infesting him responded, "We are Legion, for We are Many". David Haller's power set is a split personality gone rogue. Each personality is very literally a different person, each with different powers, attitudes, appearances, and even genders. On top of that, he can absorb the personalities of other people, adding to his impressive and terrifying range of abilities and transformations.

Of course, David himself isn't always in control. A number of the personalities have developed a "self-awareness", including that of a terrorist who nearly killed David as a child. As a result, Legion is locked in a near-constant mental battle that frequently manifests in real life.

That immense psychic power didn't come from a void, though. David's father is none other than Professor X himself. Though Charles is unaware of his son's existence for most of his upbringing, it will be interesting to see if Xavier makes an appearance in the show.

Hellfire is to be aired on Fox, and Legion will be broadcast by FX. What do you think? Can these risky shows work?


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