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Spoiler Potential for Suicide Squad & Comics.

I noticed that someone did a post with some facts about Harley Quinn that people might not know. That got me to thinking about the rest of the Suicide Squad since the movie will be coming out next year. There are some cool facts that not everyone knows about Floyd Lawton A.K.A. Deadshot that are a little random, and I could not find all in one place anywhere. So I thought that it would be cool to put them all in one post. Here are 5 fun facts you might not know about Deadshot

#1. Deadshot came First.

It is no secret that he has a counterpart in the Marvel universe which is Bullseye. Floyd came first with his 1950 debut. Bullseye came a lot later, with his birth in 1976.

Just for fun I thought that I would look to see who would win in a fight between the two. I found several posts on this, even one on here.,manual

The overwhelming majority said the Bullseye would win in a fight.

#2. Deadshot Has Never Been Black Before.

I know that I will get lots of hate for just saying this, but I would still bring it up if it were the other way around. I feel that Smith could bring a sympathetic image to this. I think that particular dynamic is important to have, when we are talking about the antihero genera.

It is also good to note since this has worked in the past. I will list two examples from that iconic comics and characters that jumped straight to mind as soon as I heard about this casting choice.

Fox ~ Wanted

Even though the film was nowhere near the comic as far as plot was concerned, I think that it was an interesting concept. That is part of the reason I have decided to give the show The Player a chance. Angelina Jolie had the right attitude for the part, and I think that is the case with, Smith

Nick Fury ~ Avengers

I think he is good to bring up, since when they rebooted him in the comics they basically drew him to so that they would be no question who would play him later on. Samuel L. Jackson again just brought the right feel to the character. Just FYI, I am not sure if Deadshot had a darker skin tone in one of the cartoons, so let me know.

#3. He does what he does for his child.

A second mini-series was released in 2005, in which Deadshot discovered he had a daughter, Zoe, who was being raised in a crime-filled area of Star City. Lawton decided to do right by this daughter, and embarks on a lethal war on the local gangs that plague the area.

When Zoe was again threatened by attacks on him, Floyd decided to sever all ties with her, ending his visits to Star City. I kind of like this this element is being introduced in the movie Suicide Squad. I think the Gibson can play the troubled deep character pretty well, since we have all seen him in Pursuit of Happiness.

The modern version of Lawton has appeared numerous times in DC’s animated properties – including the recent Batman: Assault on Arkham – and was adapted into live-action on The CW’s Arrow. He’s a killer with a code, taking on jobs and sending almost all of his profits to his daughter Zoe (and her mother). A complicated man, if there ever was one in the DC Comics roster.

#4 He Started Out as a Hero.

As deadly as a man named ‘Deadshot’ (Floyd Lawton) may sound, he certainly didn’t begin his run in the pages of DC Comics quite so… intimidating. Arriving on the scene in Gotham sporting tails and a top hat, Lawton began to fight crime just as Batman had, taking down criminals with his signature pistols. He never shot to kill, and he never missed.

The parallels to Bruce Wayne don’t stop there: born into a wealthy family and idolizing his older brother Edward, Floyd’s life took a tragic turn when the pair set out to save their mother from their abusive father. Which takes us to the next fact.

#5. The Fact He is a Villain is Because of his brother

Lawton’s most infamous trait is his death wish. This self-destructive urge stems from a combination of self-loathing and guilt, which likely have their roots in his twisted family relationships. Lawton grew up in the shadow of his older brother Edward. Edward was good at sport, and frankly everything else. Since he was kind of the hero to everyone, and Floyd was expected to be the same, that influenced his choice to be the villain.

When their mother tried to get them to them to kill the father that had been abusing them, Edward took her up on it and locked Floyd in the shed so that he would not interfere. He did this in part of save his brother from jail. He broke out of the shed, and tried to save his father. He got a riffle, and got perched in a tree. Floyd sees Edward about to shoot his father. Floyd attempts to shoot the gun out of his brother's hands but at the last moment the branch upon which he is perched snaps, causing Floyd to accidentally shoot and kill Edward. Floyd inadvertently kills the brother he loves to save the father he hates. Wracked with guilt, he sees his life as "meaningless" from that point on.

#6. He Has Had a Hole in His Head.

Looks good with a shave
Looks good with a shave

Try saying that 3 times really fast. Due to circumstances he blamed on Captain Boomerang, their luggage got lost, including his costume. It turned up in Paris, where a psychopath used it to go around killing random people. Floyd faced him, finding himself initially unable to shoot Deadshot. He overcame it, shooting the impostor in the head, but left the suit.

The suit was eventually returned to him, and he began wearing it again, although it was a while before he bothered to do anything about the bullet hole in the forehead.

In any case I hope that we will see a good portrayal of him in the upcoming film. Overall I have liked him when I have seen him so have in things like Arrow. Makes sure to tell me any more awesome facts!


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