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Rob J. Headley you're wrong: 7 - Edward Nygma is approx 10 years older than Bruce Wayne, which means that when Batman is at his prime, which means he'll be about 30, The Riddler will be about just passed 40. That's about on par with their ages in the original books. He's more experienced and capable to challenge Batman at this point, having honed his skills. Yes, he is already exhibiting signs of his eventual psychotic break, making him The Riddler, but this is all a prelude to his becoming. We get to see how The Riddler came into being as a Villian. He's not there yet, but we see where he's headed. 6- The Mob. The Mob has, and always will, be a part of the Batman Mythos. It's a fact of life in Gotham that the Mob runs Gotham's underworld. Carmine Falcone has always been the Boss in Gotham, and that will never change. Maroni being killed off at the end of the season is not really a stretch, as Maroni was never more than an ancillary character to begin with. He was nothing more than someone to be there for Falcone to have a rival. Falcone is not the "old man" Boss we see in the books or the animated series'. I say he's not done yet, as we see in Batman Beyond, the Falcone "Family" still has ties in Gotham. I'd be willing to bet that he'll be back, if for nothing more than to knock Penguin down a peg, remind him of his place, so to speak. 5 - Jim Gordon. Gordon was always(mostly) a good cop. Yes, he's making progress, and yes, he's ahead of the curve here. BUT, he's still a long road to hoe before he's commissioner. In all reality(yes, I know it's a TV show, but work with me here), he's just a cop, doing his job the best he can. Capt. Barnes will last a season or two, giving us a lot of time for Gordon to become who he eventually becomes. Gordon will be commissioner about 1/2 a season before the end of the series. In the last season, there'll be a slew of petty and not so petty criminals trussed up for Gordon to find, everyone wondering what the hell is going on. Not with images of the bat per se, but hints towards such. Gordon will start to trust in the findings, and at the end of it all, in the last 2-3 seconds, we'll see Gordon looking up at the roof of GCPD, and he'll see the silhouette of Batman, give a half smile/smirk, and it'll fade to the credits. 4 - Arkham Asylum being up and running is no stretch of the imagination. It's a mental health facility in Gotham, and has been as far back into Gaotham's history as anyone cares to look. According to some, it's been there since the late 1800's, and has just been modernized(poorly) over the years. 3 - Oswald Cobblepot. Another easily explained progress, similar to The Riddler. It takes time for everyone to reach their end form, and Penguin is honing his skills, much like The Riddler. He has taken control of the regular crimes and problems of the citizens of Gotham, much as the Mob did before him. He just hasn't reached that level of madness yet to be The Penguin that we know and love to hiss at. He needs time and the tragedy to fully evolve and become. 2 - Bruce Wayne. Bruce wanting to train, and become better is also explained in the subtext and off shoot conversations and interactions that he has. He knows that if he's going to uncover the truth about what happened to his parents, he has to be strong, both physically and mentally, to be able to take on whatever comes at him. He knows that Wayne Enterprises board of directors is fucking over his family's company, and funding criminals. He knows that the crime families are going to be coming after him as well, when he starts tearing away at what's going on. He wants to have as much experience as he can, enough training as possible, so as to take on everything that comes at him. 1- This is not the same universe. Everyone forgets that DC is FAMOUS for their Multiverse stories. This is just a different/alternate take on everything Batman. Not everything is going to fall in line with what we already know. But everything WILL fall in line with the way THIS universe works. So there's my reasoning. I welcome the feedback if anyone thinks I'm wrong. Let me know your opinion.

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