ByJames Story, writer at

Everyone likes having a little extra fun while watching our favourite TV shows, such as calling out tropes in sitcoms, looking for continuity errors or just taking a drink whenever someone dies in Game of Thrones (especially when you up the ante by marathoning whole seasons in one week).

To get in on some zombie-specific fun, Viking have made a cool sweepstake kit to use with your friends and co-workers. Simply cut out all of the characters and randomly choose who you'll be following throughout season six. Record how many zombies they kill after each episode and see who comes out on top come season finale.

With the show already having made radical departures from the comics, those who are up to date with the books should still be able to play along without spoiling things for others. Up to eighteen people can play, and if you're looking a bit thin on numbers, simply draw multiple characters to assemble your new zombie-killing super team.

The only thing left is to work out the prize for your pool's winner along with, more importantly, the forfeit for whoever comes last. Let's just hope you draw someone more Rick Grimes and less Father Gabriel.


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