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Just in case your day was going a little too well, I have scavenged the dark corners of Tumblr and found some devastatingly sad facts about Harry Potter. I hope you have a tissue ready, because this is seriously tear-jerking!

1. Why would you do that?

As if it's not sad enough that Fred died, we had to be reminded of this? Just imagine George avoiding his own reflection for the rest of his life because it would hurt too much. This is not okay!

2. Oh Neville, you sweet sweet boy

In case you need a reminder, Neville's parents were tortured into madness by Bellatrix Lestrange in the First Wizarding War. Ever since, they have been taken care of by the nurses at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Every time Neville comes to visit, his mother gives him a sweet wrapper and he keeps every single one of them, despite his grandmother telling him to throw them away.

3. This is so sad and uplifting at the same time

Hagrid is one of my favorite characters, and this is another testament to his kindness. He always takes care of those in need, like Buckbeak and his little (big) brother Grawp. It's no wonder Dumbledore would entrust Hagrid with his life, I would too. If you watch the scene now it has an entirely new depth to it.

4. This hit me right in the feels

This one is so sad. Not only is it sad because Harry doesn't have any parents and couldn't go to Hogsmeade on the anniversary of their deaths, but Remus lost all his friends and has since been struggling to live as a werewolf in a society that rejects him. Later on things were getting better; he got married and had a kid. And then he DIED? As if that's not bad enough, his wife, Tonks, died as well, leaving Teddy an orphan. I don't think I will ever get over that!

5. Well that's depressing

When I was reading the books, one of the things that touched me the most was knowing Sirius managed to escape Azkaban only to be locked up in Grimauld Place until he died. It was truly tragic, and people being locked up seems to be a recurring theme in Harry Potter.

6. I'd never thought about this before

That must have been so heartbreaking for them to witness. They sacrificed their lives to protect him, and then he's going to die at such a young age, just like they did.

J.K. Rowling, why must you hurt me so?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling very emotional right now. If you need something uplifting, why not check out this article showing what the Harry Potter cast used to look like? They all look adorable!


Which Harry Potter death was the saddest?


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