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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sad news for fans of America's Next Top Model: the show is calling it quits after 22 Cycles. The show is possibly my favorite guilty pleasure of all time, the perfect reality TV madness to watch curled up in bed, reveling in pajama drama.

Yesterday, Tyra tweeted news of the show's finale:

Tyra expanded on her sad ANTM news with a characteristically garbled rant on Instagram.

After 22 Cycles in which a bevy of beauties 'tooched and booched and boom boom boomed' -- yeah, I have no idea what that means either -- let's take a look at some of the greatest moments in ANTM history.

1. Tyra Loses It

Tyra loses her damn mind over Tiffany (Cycle 4) not being distraught enough at being kicked off the show. Tyra's freakout earned this rather amusing pastiche in an episode of Family Guy.

2. *Swoon*

Rebecca passes out at panel (Cycle 4). Don't worry, though, she was totally OK afterwards and only fainted because of an existing condition.

3. We're not here to make friends

Jade (Cycle 6) speaks the harsh truth.

4. Janice Dickinson gets a little friendly...

Tyra's face that one time Janice tried to smooch her at panel was priceless. It's a wonder those two divas ever managed to stay in the same room long enough to film a thing!

5. Basically everything Tyra's ever done...

Let's spell 'Top Model' backwards and get it printed on neon shirts and dance around in a feather boa because you're freakin' Tyra Banks and you can do whatever the heck you like.


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