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If you thought Interview with a Vampire was Kirsten Dunst's first big break, then think again. Yes, it may have been her first major film role and yes, she might have snogged Johnny Depp at an age most of us were still championing an "ewww kissing, gross" attitude, but it turns out she was a star way earlier than we thought. Before she could even walk, in fact.

Dunst appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live over the weekend to promote the second season of Fargo and dropped a little golden coated nostalgia bomb for us while she was at it. She revealed her first job ever in the entertainment biz was modeling for the cover of one of our favorite childhood books: The Baby-Sitters Club #2! This particular edition, Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, was super creepy to 9-year-old me, following the gang as they were stalked by a series of prank callers.

The cover images, which admittedly I always thought were drawn, were actually photographs edited to appear as such.

As Dunst explains to Kimmel:

“You know what? It was a photo shoot, but then they made it look like a painting, I guess."

Seems that even in the '80s they were able to whack out a few convincing retouching tricks, so thankfully she did't have to be held in the same position by some poor babysitter-model for hours while being intricately inked!

Watch Kirsten's reveal for yourself:

You can watch The Baby-Sitters Club over on Netflix, if Dunst's reveal has inspired you to get your nostalgia on. Enjoy!

Source: Hello Giggles & MTV


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