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After a solid Season 6 premiere on Sunday,The Walking Dead left us with a huge cliffhanger. Just after Rick and the gang thought their plan to lead a quarry-full of walkers away from Alexandria was a success, there was a loud horn sounding somewhere in the vicinity of Alexandria, which drew the 2,000 walking dead toward the unaware town.

While this plot twist sets up episodes 2 and 3 to be absolute thrillers, we're also left with a huge mystery -- who exactly is blasting that horn?! The internet is full of theories as to who it might be, from friend to foe, so we decided to compile a list of the top three suspects.

Check out the three possibilities below and don't forget to vote for who you think it is in the poll at the end:


Ron is obviously suffering after the death of his father, Pete, and angry at Rick. We saw Ron a few times in the episode, ignoring his mother and younger brother, watching Carl and Enid sullenly from afar, and tracking Rick and Morgan where he narrowly avoided being eaten by a walker.

Ron could possibly be responsible for blasting the horn as a way of getting back at Rick, Deanna, and all the Alexandria citizens who seemed indifferent to Pete being killed. Though it's a crazy move for someone to pull, we've all been moody teenagers before, and I think you'll agree they can be wildly unpredictable at times.

Ron's an outside possibility, though I don't think we should count him out. However, if it's not him blasting the horn I think we should still keep an eye out for his antics because the writers and directors of the show are not showing scenes of him for nothing. What are they building too?

Father Gabriel

Over on Reddit, user SmokeyMcTokes floated the very interesting theory that Gabriel was the one blowing (tooting? blasting?) the horn as a distress signal. This would fit, not only because the run that Rick and the gang were on was supposed to be a dry run (however, when the truck fell into the quarry it quickly turned into the real deal), and it would be the quickest way to alert the group that something was amiss back at Alexandria.

The other reason that this theory caught my eye was because of the possible Biblical tie in. Over the years, The Walking Dead has used many Biblical references in the series (take a look at some over here) and this could be another. In the Bible, Gabriel is known as the Lord's messenger, and is often shown with a horn. The Bible also talks about a trumpet sounded before the resurrection of the dead, and though it never specifies that it was Gabriel, he has been depicted as the trumpeter in art and music.

On the flip side, Gabriel could also be the one blasting the horn as a way of getting even with Rick who had snubbed his attempts to help the group after his meeting with Deanna was revealed.

While this is my favorite theory, I do admit, it's probably unlikely it was Gabriel, simply because I can't imagine he's that stupid. Surely if he wanted to get help, he and one or two others could leave Alexandria and rally the troops in a much quieter manner, and if he wanted to get even with Rick, surely he wouldn't involve the innocent Alexandrians. It's not impossible that it was Gabriel, but unfortunately for my love of Walking Dead Biblical references, it seems improbable.

The Wolves

This is the last and most obvious answer. The Wolves have been gathering more and more information on the group since we first got a hint of them in Season 5, episode 9.

By now, two of them have met Morgan, they almost met Aaron and Daryl, and they currently have the packet of photos that Aaron carried in his backpack to show prospective new recruits. From the photos it would be pretty easy to glean that Alexandria is a pretty sweet place to live, and definitely worthy of trying to take by force (much like the prison in Seasons 3 and 4).

As we know, the Wolves are cold, calculating and fairly smart (remember the intricate trap that Aaron and Daryl fell into?). There's a possibility that they saw the strongest members of Alexandria leave the compound and decided to strike. Whether or not they know about the incoming horde of walkers is unknown, though they have been known to use walkers as weapons before, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to arise.


Who do you think is blasting the horn back at Alexandria?


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