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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 6. Proceed with caution!

[The Walking Dead](tag:201193) Season 6 premiered on Sunday to a massive audience as we watched Rick and the gang battle a quarry full of walkers. The episode contained a whole heap of stuff: action, black and white flashbacks, a character death, and some really cool call backs to previous seasons of the show.

First up, the show had two references jammed into one scene, including the return of Aaron's RV which was used to reinforce the steel wall that was keeping the walkers from heading towards Alexandria:

Aaron's RV in Season 6, episode 1
Aaron's RV in Season 6, episode 1

We first saw Aaron's RV back in episode 11 of Season 5, and it immediately brought back memories of the original wise, old man of the group, Dale. Dale's RV (which was a 1973 D-27C Winnebago Chieftain) really saved the group back when they were camping on the outskirts of Atlanta. The RV was used all the way until Season 2, episode 12, when it sadly burned, alongside the Greene farm.

Dales RV in Season 2 at the Greene Farm
Dales RV in Season 2 at the Greene Farm

Even though we had seen Aaron's RV before, it was still pretty cool to see it front and center once again in the scene with Michonne, Morgan and Rick.

The second hat tip referenced Season 3, episode 12. This was the episode when Carl, Michonne and Rick returned to King County to gather supplies, and ended up finding Morgan. After Morgan tried to attack the group, Carl shot him and knocked him unconscious. The group dragged him back into his apartment, and waited for him to wake up. However, while the group waited, we saw Michonne eating something, Rick asks Michonne "we're eating his food now?" to which Michonne simply replies "the mat said welcome."

Michonne in Season 3 eating the peanut butter bar?
Michonne in Season 3 eating the peanut butter bar?

While we didn't find out at the time what exactly it was that Michonne ate, it seems like it was revealed in last Sunday's episode when Morgan asked Michonne if she ate his peanut butter protein bar when they first met. Of course Michonne denied eating it, but the proof is in the chocolate pudding, and it certainly looks like she was the culprit.

Finally, there was another cool Season 1 reference when Morgan and Rick talked at the beginning of the episode. After asking Morgan who taught him his new staff fighting skills, Rick broke the ice between the two by saying:

"I ask, you answer. It's common courtesy, right."

These were the exact words that Morgan said to Rick way back in the debut episode of the entire series, after Rick woke up in Morgan's house after being hit on the head by Morgan's son, Duane. Despite it being almost two years since those words were spoken, Rick never forgot them, and it seems like Morgan didn't either.

What was your favorite reference to a previous Walking Dead season?
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