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This guy! GTA 5 player and modder, RUNitsAlpha, has two major passions in life - watching Fast & Furious and playing GTA 5. If he's not watching Vin Diesel punch bad guys in the face he will most likely be found running riot in Los Santos - probably also punching bad guys in the face.

Fast & Furious 6 has many an action packed, car totaling action sequence but there is one particular scene that stands out from the crowd. Near the beginning of the movie, we follow the crew as they pursue Owen Shaw as he races through the streets of London in a crazy looking 'flip car'. That car that looks like a wedge of cheese - You know the scene.

So, to get you up to date with the flip car element - There are two of these aptly named flippers supplied to Owen Shaw's crew. They were originally fitted with the flip ramp so that they could be used to overturn armoured vehicles when targeting military convoys.

It Had to be GTA 5!

Over to GTA 5 once again to cause some serious unadulterated, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-approved fun in London.

We all love action movies and we all love to see cars exploding and flipping across our screens. But this gamer wanted to experience it all for himself, and where better than Los Santos?

The footage is scene for scene spot on, the vehicles have had to be custom built to resemble those used in the movie and even the characters bare at least some awkward resemblance to the characters we all know and love.

Watch as the English bobbies are swept aside in this brilliant Fast & Furious 6 homage piece. Here is a side by side comparison video.

Could this finally be the birth of an official Fast & Furious video game? Is there enough here to inspire the developers into creating a Fast & Furious adventure we can all take part in?

Time will tell, until then keep your eyes on this GTA genius for more Fast & Furious videos and most importantly, keep on gaming.

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