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If you can remember a date before your newsfeed was filled to the brim with pictures of the Harry Potter cast 'longbottoming' their way out of awkward teen years, then you'll recall that the gang of Hogwarts students were once tiny, adorable little creatures. The kind of creatures you just want to squeeze to death because they're so cute. But you don't.

Anyway, as today is Thursday and Thursdays provide an excellent excuse to throw yourself back to yesteryear in a big fat pit of nostalgic glory, we've rooted out some of our favorite behind-the-scenes shots from the first Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, for you to "awwwww" at.

1. Just Hermione, Draco and Dean hanging out doing their homework, no biggie

Source: Tumblr

2. The ultimate bromance!

Source: Golden Trio

3. Posing for a casual photo in the Great Hall

Source: Tumblr

4. Seamus Finnigan for Diet Coke Man?

Source: Imgur

5. Daniel and Rupert, taking a walk and getting to know each other

Source: MovieStillsDB

6. Chris Columbus giving Dan's chin a lil' tickle, naw

Source: MovieStillsDB

7. So...sultry

Source: Imgur

8. Just LOOK at their little red faces! And at how massive that chair is

Source: Pinterest


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