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Have you ever considered what it would be like to be the last man on Earth? If so then the Vertigo comic book series Y: The Last Man will be your thing; if not, then just wait until the captivating dystopian series hits the screens as a television show -- you'll love it.

A film adaption of Brian K. Vaughan's classic comic book has been in the works for years, but it seems they've decided to make a television series instead. This should work much better as if it's successful they'll have much more room to expand the show.

With the project still lacking a director or a writer, much is still unknown, however with the show set to appear on FX, which already boasts shows such as Son's of Anarchy and American Horror Story, Y: The Last Man has some serious backing.

It's rumoured that FX have brought Vaughn on board to help bring the show to life. In addition to the original comic book writer they have also brought Color Force's Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson on board. The team is currently pretty small, but I'm sure a project like this will attract some serious attention.

A bit of info' on the show!

So for those of you who aren't aware of the comic, I've compiled a little information to catch you up, without ruining the plot for you.

  • The comic book revolves around Yorick Brown, the last surviving male, meaning he's the last person alive with a Y chromosome.
  • That's right, he's soon to hit the screens alongside his loyal Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. If Yorick doesn't win you over then Ampersand certainly will!
  • The central story of the series has the duel purpose of discovering the cause of the plague that wiped out all -- or 'almost all' -- of the men, and following Yorick as he desperately hunts for his girlfriend, Beth.
  • The new world has been rebuilt entirely by women; Yorick must naviagate this strange matriarchal world as the only surviving member of his gender.

The show has some serious potential, and I can't wait for it to begin flourishing! With the ever-increasing attention comic book adaptations are getting these days they really couldn't have picked a better time to give Yorick and Ampersand their first screen time.

Have a look at the IGN announcement below.



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