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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Way back in 1997, before she was breaking hearts and noses in Firefly, and way before she was a bonafide screen stealer in Mad Men, did you know the fire-haired legend that is Christina Hendricks was a Bond girl?

Well, a Bond girl of sorts. In '97, Pierce Brosnan was way into his reign as, possibly, the most underrated Bond of Bonds.

You're welcome, dude.
You're welcome, dude.

And in a hilariously varied promotional campaign for Tomorrow Never Dies stumbled upon by the guys over at BirthMoviesDeath, Brosnan was found advertising a Visa Check Card in a wonderfully garish '90s advert alongside Desmond Llewelyn's Q and a beautiful and British accented Hendricks.

Go on, you've gotta see it to believe it:

Yeah, the quality is gloriously potato, but it was the 90s. Despite that, how freaking good was that?!

(Source: BirthMoviesDeath)


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